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Nearby: Farnborough

'We are based at the observatory in Cody Technology Park close to Farnborough airport in Hampshire ... Individual Membership of the Cody Astronomical Society has many benefits: * Invitations to all meetings, including monthly seminars on a wide range of topics; * A set of introductory seminars are run on a regular basis to help newcomers get up to speed on topics such as Navigating the Night Sky, the Moon, Planets of the Solar System, etc.; * More advanced topics are presented by a range of experts, typically from higher educational and research establishments across the UK.'

founded in 1993 to safeguard Farnborough’s priceless aeronautical heritage. We work to preserve and promote Farnborough’s great heritage in aviation science – an important educational resource and an internationally significant part of the nation’s scientific progress ... Sponsored by Farnborough Airport and The Aviation Historian, FAST organises regular talks on subjects connected with aeronautical science and history.'

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