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Open Lectures & Talks'Meetings are held ... on the third Tuesday of each month at 7.45 pm (unless otherwise specified) and include a guest speaker.'
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Open Lectures & Talks'Our club meets each Tuesday evening at 7.30 pm in term time from September to May ... It has a friendly atmosphere and new members are made welcome and beginners are given any assistance needed ... Throughout the year the club invites guest speakers to give lectures on a wide range of topics from photographic techniques and printing through to digital presentations.'
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Open Lectures & Talks'Meets on the second Wednesday of each month.'
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Open Lectures & Talks

'The Festival of Ideas celebrates the arts, humanities and social sciences through performances, film screenings, hands on activities, talks and workshops - for free!' Latest Dates 19 October - 1 November 2015.

Online Lectures & Talks

'Check out the Video and Audio page to catch up on any events you missed.'

Also indexedUniversity of Cambridge
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Open Lectures & Talks

Usually held early July.

Also indexedCambridge Wordfest
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Open Lectures & Talks

'CNHS lecture meetings ... take place on Thursday evenings during the winter half of the year and start at 7.30 pm ... Tea, coffee and biscuits are provided from 7.00 pm. All welcome - non members £1.'

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Open Lectures & Talks'We meet at 7.30 pm ... on the first Friday of every month (except January and August).'
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Category:Railway History
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Open Lectures & Talks'We have 9 indoor meetings for the winter months September to May, and usually 3 field meetings in the summer months. Indoor meetings are always held on the second Friday of the month.'
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Open Lectures & Talks'The Society organises monthly meetings in Cambridge ... on a wide variety of topics, which are designed to appeal to beginner and specialist alike.'
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Open Lectures & Talks

'Runs a series of academic events, including a multi-disciplinary Gender Research Seminar, Symposia and a number of Public Lectures - together these events make up our Public Event Series, which is kindly supported by Cambridge University Press.'

Named Lectures & TalksJuliet Mitchell Lecture
Also indexedUniversity of Cambridge | Cambridge University Press
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Open Lectures & Talks

Annual Distinguished Lecture Series 'These public lectures, organised for the specific benefit of the MPhil students, are designed to attract speakers of international standing and repute to give their views on Sustainable Development. Speakers include leading experts from Cambridge University as well as from other leading universities, government bodies, multi-national corporations and international organisations. The opportunity to cross examine such leading thinkers in the question and answer sessions is seen to be a key activity associated with the MPhil programme ... The events are free and open to the public.' The Annual Lecture does not seem to have been held in recent years.

Also indexedUniversity of Cambridge | Annual Distinguished Lecture Series in Sustainable Dev...
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Open Lectures & Talks'We usually meet on the last Monday of the month ... at 7.30 pm.'
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Open Lectures & Talks

Annual Clare Hall Ashby Lecture - plus other series of lectures and talks, some of which can be open to the public. Enquire about attendance.

Named Lectures & TalksAshby Lecture | Tanner Lectures
Also indexedUniversity of Cambridge
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Open Lectures & Talks

'In addition to the departmental Wednesday talks, several local research groups also organize seminar series and weekly discussion groups. Talks in these are often targeted at a more specialist audience, but are also open to the general public.'

Also indexedUniversity of Cambridge
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Open Lectures & Talks'Members attend monthly meetings from September to April to hear speakers on a variety of subjects.'
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Open Lectures & Talks

Darwin Lecture Series 'In the second term of every academic year since 1986 Darwin College has organised a series of eight public lectures. Each series has been built around a single theme, approached in a multi-disciplinary way, and with each lecture prepared for a general audience by a leading authority on his or her subject ... The Darwin College Lectures are very popular, each attended by around 600 people, so you must arrive early to ensure a place. Stewards at the door follow a strict Admissions Policy to ensure fairness. An adjacent overflow theatre (with live TV coverage) is provided for those who cannot be seated in the main hall.'

Online Lectures & Talks

'Audio and selected videos of the Darwin lectures are available on: iTunes U; the Streaming Media Service. Darwin College Lectures books are available from Cambridge University Press.'

Also indexedUniversity of Cambridge
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Open Lectures & Talks

'A wide range of seminars are organised within the Department. You can view a combined list of all forthcoming seminars, or view the individual seminar series listed ... Many groups welcome visitors - see the specific pages ... for details. Please note however that those without official Department badges must report to Reception on arrival, and that parking space is very limited.'

Also indexedUniversity of Cambridge
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Open Lectures & Talks'Meet on the fourth Wednesday of the month, at 8 pm ... Visitors are welcome at monthly meetings.'
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Open Lectures & Talks'Meetings are held on the third Monday in the month. The lectures deal mainly with local and regional archaeology or history, and include presentation of recent discoveries.'
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Open Lectures & Talks'Our meetings start at 7.30 pm on the third Thursday of the month for nine months of the membership year. (We don't meet in July, August or December). At these meetings we have lectures on a wide variety of arts related topics by expert speakers approved by the National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies.'
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Open Lectures & Talks'Members of The Ely Society enjoy a programme of monthly meetings held on the second Wednesday of each month (except August) ... starting at 7.30 pm ... Each meeting comprises a talk on a subject of local or more general interest, followed by a short business session at which matters of local concern are addressed. Attendance is free to members and visitors are most welcome (charge to non-members is £2.50 at the door). Just turn up – there is no need to book. Apart from the interesting talks and discussions, the meetings provide an opportunity to make new friends and for topics to be raised informally with others having kindred interests.'
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Open Lectures & Talks

'The History Faculty administers several series of public lectures, which take place on an annual or bienniel basis.' Arrangements vary: check details.

Named Lectures & TalksEllen McArthur Lecture | John Robert Seeley Lectures | George Macaulay Trevelyan Lectures
Also indexedUniversity of Cambridge
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Open Lectures & Talks

Offer several named lectures plus other events which might be attended by members of the general public. Enquire about attendance.

Named Lectures & TalksAndrew Chamblin Memorial Lecture | Dirac Lecture | Rollo Davidson Lecture | Rouse Ball Lecture
Also indexedUniversity of Cambridge
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Open Lectures & Talks

Lectures, and also Research Seminars, which members of the public might attend. Enquire about attendance.

Named Lectures & TalksCiS - Faraday Lectures
Also indexedSt Edmund's College, Cambridge
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Open Lectures & TalksOccasional talks.
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Category:Art Galleries
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Open Lectures & Talks

Occasional lunchtime talks (and related events): 'Free, no booking required but space may be limited. Admission is by token, available from the Courtyard Entrance from 12.45 on the day of the talk.'

Also indexedUniversity of Cambridge
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Open Lectures & TalksMeetings 'take place ... on the third Thursday of the month from October to May. Speakers talk on a varied range of topics, mostly related to local or social history. We have an attendance of between 50 to 80 people and guests are very welcome. Entry is £2.00 (members free). Doors open 7.30 pm'.
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Open Lectures & Talks'Meetings are held at 7.30 pm on the second Monday of each month and are open to all, whether resident in the village or not, and everyone with an interest in the subject will be made most welcome.'
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Open Lectures & Talks

'Our most important activity is the programme of nine lectures a year held on Tuesday mornings ... Because space in the Wolfson Theatre at Churchill is limited the lectures are only open to members and their guests.'

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Open Lectures & Talks

Monthly meetings, Thursday evenings.

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Open Lectures & Talks

Occasional series of lectures. Enquire about attendance.

Also indexedUniversity of Cambridge
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Open Lectures & TalksWith 'Location' IWM Duxford, can filter by 'Lectures & Conferences' and 'Talks & Tours'.
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Open Lectures & Talks'We meet regularly throughout the year, usually on the 3rd Thursday in the month.'
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Open Lectures & Talks

'The Group meets four or five times a year. Previous meetings have included discussions of favourite passages and characters, viewings and discussions of film adaptations, lectures on Sanditon and Regency England, Eliza de Feuillide and Warren Hastings, the Hidden Autobiography in Jane Austen's novels, Folk Song of Jane Austen's period and the Pleasures of Collecting Austeniana. Recent meetings have included a strawberry tea with a discussion of "What if...?", a talk about Jane Austen's holidays, and an evening of music that Jane Austen would have known.'

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Category:Art Galleries
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Open Lectures & Talks

'Thursday lunchtime talks are free, begin at 1.10 pm and usually last 30 mins.'

Also indexedUniversity of Cambridge
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Category:Law & Society
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Open Lectures & Talks

'During the University term, the Centre holds a range of lectures and events on topical issues in international law given by leading academics and practitioners. If you would like to be notified of forthcoming lectures by email, please send your email address to our Administrator ...'

Named Lectures & TalksSir Hersch Lauterpacht Memorial Lectures | Snyder Lectures
Also indexedUniversity of Cambridge
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Open Lectures & Talks

Series of lectures: Latest Dates Michaelmas Term 2014.

Also indexedTrinity College Cambridge
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Open Lectures & Talks'All our meetings are held on the 1st Tuesday of each month, except August, at 7.30 pm.'
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Open Lectures & Talks'A series of free public lectures given by leading authorities in their fields.'
Online Lectures & Talks'Videos of previous Madingley Lectures are now available to watch online.'
Also indexedUniversity of Cambridge | Institute of Continuing Education
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Open Lectures & Talks

'Since 1970, the Centre has held open lectures once a week during full term. The talks are intended for nonspecialist audiences, and all are welcome.'

Also indexedUniversity of Cambridge
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Open Lectures & Talks

Lists a wide range of lectures and related events within the Institute and elsewhere within Cambridge. Arrangements vary: check details - especially whether events of interest are open to the public.

Also indexedUniversity of Cambridge
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Open Lectures & Talks

'The Cambridge Friends of the National Trust for Scotland is one of the latest Members' Centres to be established ... Evening meetings are held at 7.30 pm for an 8 pm start. Wine and soft drinks are served before and after the meeting. Meetings cost £7 per head. It is better to apply for tickets in advance although it may be possible to attend some meetings by buying tickets at the door.'

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Open Lectures & Talks'The Society meets on the last Tuesday in each of the winter months. Occasional outings are organised for the summer months.'
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Open Lectures & TalksMonthly meetings 'which are free to attend and open to all'.
Also indexedPapworth Trust
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Open Lectures & Talks'On the 3rd Wednesday of the moth, the Personal Success Group opens its doors to all ...'
Also indexedInspiral
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Open Lectures & Talks

'Philippa Pearce died in 2006, but respect and affection for her writing is as strong as ever. In her memory, a series of lectures is now underway, each intended to celebrate excellence in writing for children.'

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Category:Plant Heritage
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Open Lectures & Talks'We have a varied programme of meetings throughout the autumn to spring period, usually with outside speakers.'
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Open Lectures & Talks

'As a guide, lectures occur the second Thursday of every month from September to the following May ... Membership of the main society and of the Cambridge Branch is open to all with various grades of membership to cater for everyone, from the keen enthusiast to the captains of industry.'

Named Lectures & TalksSir Arthur Marshall Lecture
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Open Lectures & Talks'Apart from July and August, we hold meetings on the third Monday in each month.'
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Open Lectures & Talks'Normally meets on the second Thursday of every month ... There's wide range of speakers and subjects related to the history of Sawston and Cambridgeshire.'
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Open Lectures & Talks

For the most part, monthly meetings, Tuesday evenings.

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Open Lectures & Talks

'SCI Cambridge and Great Eastern Regional Group (CAGE) has arguably the largest concentration of high technology companies in the UK. As such, the Group is well-placed to serve the needs of the local communities and SCI Members - whatever their discipline. The Group organises regular events on a range of subjects aimed at the general public as well as science professionals working in the region.'

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Open Lectures & TalksHave organized winter bimonthly evening meetings: 'If you are new to Soham or the Museum Project, we would like you to know that you will be made very welcome at any of our events. If you have a particular interest in history, or would like to attend History Group meetings on a regular basis, it would be worth considering becoming a member of the Friends of Soham Museum'.
Also indexedSoham Museum Project
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Open Lectures & Talks'Lecture Meetings are held on the third Thursdays of the operational months.'
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Open Lectures & Talks

'All lectures will take place on Wednesdays at 5.00 pm. All welcome.' Latest Dates: Starting 20 January 2014.

Named Lectures & TalksHulsean Lectures
Also indexedUniversity of Cambridge
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Open Lectures & Talks'The Club meets every Thursday ... Meetings start at 7.30 pm and usually finish at 9.30 pm.'
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Open Lectures & Talks'They are open to all, with no ticket required.' Latest Dates 5-26 October 2012.
Online Lectures & Talks'A podcast of each lecture will be made available after its delivery.'
Also indexedTrinity College Cambridge
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Open Lectures & Talks

'The Society’s year begins in October and ends in June. Lectures are held in Wolfson Hall, Churchill College, which has theatre style seating so that members can enjoy the images which accompany the lectures. Because of the limited size of the hall however, only members of TAS Cambridge may attend without registering; guests must register with the membership secretary at least 48 hours before a lecture.'

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Open Lectures & Talks'Meetings are usually held on Thursday evenings ... starting at 8 pm.'
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Open Lectures & Talks'Our lively, all-year-round events programme provides readers and authors with the opportunity to meet and chat within the convivial surroundings of our hand-crafted bookcases.'
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Open Lectures & Talks

Occasional talks and related events listed.

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Open Lectures & Talks

'Trinity College hosts a number of Public Lectures, which take place on a regular basis (usually either annually or biannually) ... The lectures are open to all, with no ticket required.'

Also indexedUniversity of Cambridge
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Visits to the Website513
Open Lectures & TalksOccasional lectures, which may be open to all, as well as the annual Graham Storey Lecture: 'This is an open lecture and all are welcome, but please book your place in advance'.
Named Lectures & TalksGraham Storey Lecture
Also indexedUniversity of Cambridge
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Open Lectures & Talks

'Meetings are held about four times a year ... usually at 8.00 pm.'

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Category:Railway History
Visits to the Website453
Open Lectures & Talks'We gather on the third Thursday of the month during the meetings “season” (October to May inclusive). Good food is available in the bar. We generally get together after 6.30 pm for a pint and a “natter”, and the meetings start at 8.00 pm. There is usually a half-way break and we finish around 10.00 pm.'
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Open Lectures & Talks

'We hold weekly meetings, every Saturday during term-time at 4.30 pm. Both members and non-members of the University are welcome.'

Also indexedUniversity of Cambridge
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Open Lectures & TalksOccasional lectures. Enquire about attendance. Latest Lectures listed 2012.
Also indexedUniversity of Cambridge
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  125. City of Belfast
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  128. City of Glasgow
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  131. Clacton on Sea
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  349. Rhondda/Cynon/Taff
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  367. Ryedale
  368. Salford
  369. Salisbury
  370. Sandwell
  371. Scarborough
  372. Scottish Borders
  373. Sedgemoor
  374. Sefton
  375. Selby
  376. Sevenoaks
  377. Sheffield
  378. Shepway
  379. Sherborne
  380. Shetland
  381. Shrewsbury
  382. Shropshire
  383. Slough
  384. Solihull
  385. South Ayrshire
  386. South Buckinghamshire
  387. South Bucks
  388. South Cambridgeshire
  389. South Derbyshire
  390. South Gloucestershire
  391. South Hams
  392. South Holland
  393. South Kesteven
  394. South Lakeland
  395. South Lanarkshire
  396. South Norfolk
  397. South Northamptonshire
  398. South Oxfordshire
  399. South Ribble
  400. South Somerset
  401. South Staffordshire
  402. South Tyneside
  403. Southampton
  404. Southend
  405. Southend-on-Sea
  406. Southwark
  407. Spelthorne
  408. St Albans
  409. St Andrews
  410. St Edmundsbury
  411. St Helens
  412. Stafford
  413. Staffordshire Moorlands
  414. Stevenage
  415. Stirling
  416. Stockport
  417. Stockton-on-Tees
  418. Stoke-on-Trent
  419. Strabane
  420. Stratford-on-Avon
  421. Stroud
  422. Suffolk Coastal
  423. Sunderland
  424. Surrey Heath
  425. Sutton
  426. Swale
  427. Swansea
  428. Swindon
  429. Tameside
  430. Tamworth
  431. Tandridge
  432. Taunton
  433. Taunton Deane
  434. Teignbridge
  435. Telford & Wrekin
  436. Tendring
  437. Test Valley
  438. Tewkesbury
  439. Thanet
  440. The City
  441. The Scottish Borders
  442. The Vale of Glamorgan
  443. Three Rivers
  444. Thurrock
  445. Tonbridge & Malling
  446. Torbay
  447. Torfaen
  448. Torridge
  449. Tower Hamlets
  450. Trafford
  451. Truro
  452. Tunbridge Wells
  453. Uppingham
  454. Uttlesford
  455. Vale of Glamorgan
  456. Vale of White Horse
  457. Wadebridge
  458. Wakefield
  459. Walsall
  460. Waltham Forest
  461. Wandsworth
  462. Warrington
  463. Warwick
  464. Watford
  465. Waveney
  466. Waverley
  467. Wealdon
  468. Wellingborough
  469. Welwyn Hatfield
  470. West Berkshire
  471. West Devon
  472. West Dorset
  473. West Lancashire
  474. West Lindsey
  475. West Lothian
  476. West Oxfordshire
  477. West Somerset
  478. Westminster
  479. Weston-Super-Mare
  480. Weymouth
  481. Weymouth & Portland
  482. Wigan
  483. Wiltshire
  484. Winchester
  485. Windsor
  486. Windsor & Maidenhead
  487. Wirral
  488. Woking
  489. Wokingham
  490. Wolverhampton
  491. Worcester
  492. Workington
  493. Worthing
  494. Woverhampton
  495. Wrexham
  496. Wychavon
  497. Wycombe
  498. Wyre
  499. Wyre Forest
  500. York
  501. York (City)