Area: Worcestershire

Category Arts Festivals

A renowned series of artistic events & exhibitions held annually in the surroundings of the glorious Malvern Hills. Some of the most prestigious musicians, poets, writers, film makers and other artists perform during Autumn every year.‘

'Travel back to 1265 with re-enactments groups from all over the country who will entertain you with various demonstrations of medieval living. Visitors are invited to step back in time to the 13th Century when the Battle of Evesham is re-enacted.' Normally held Early August.

'The Society's chief aim is to educated people about the Battle of Worcester 1651 and its ramifications regionally, nationally and internationally. We achieve this through a number of different ways. Re-enactment, lectures, theatrical plays, school visits, talks and publications all form part of strategy to educate as many people as possible about this incredible part of the UK's history ...The Society is open to any member of the public who wishes to join and support our aims. We have a wide range of members ranging from professional historians and re-enactors through to families and members of the public simply wishing to support the society and find out more.'

'Formed back in 1944 to conserve the architectural heritage of this charming Severn Valley town in Worcestershire and to encourage the appropriate and sustainable development of Bewdley ... We hold events, talks & meetings, the meetings are held monthly with a Summer break.'

Category Arts Festivals

Our purposes: '* Advance the education of the public, particularly in the neighbourhood of Bewdley, by the production and promotion of all forms of art including drama, dancing, singing, spoken word and music; * Provide facilities in the interest of social welfare for recreation and other leisure time occupations, particularly in the neighbourhood of Bewdley for the benefit of the community.' Normally held Early October.

'BASOC, the Bromsgrove Astronomy Society, caters for Astronomers of all ages and experience in the local area. We have many members ranging from highly seasoned amateurs to those without telescopes at all – so don’t feel too intimidated to pop along one evening ... Since the society was first formed in 2008 we have enjoyed a wide range of talks both from visiting speakers and club members.'

'Founded in 1950 by a group of enthusiastic amateur photographers. It continues to promote and support photography as an interest and hobby to its members. The society has an active membership of approximately 50 members and supports both film and digital photography. There is a varied and active programme of meetings including talks by professional as well as experienced amateur photographers, both print and projected image competitions and studio sessions. These form a winter programme running from September to the end of May. The society also organises a full summer programme of local and more distant visits and outings to encourage the development of all aspects of outdoor photography. This programme runs from the beginning of June to the end of August.'

'Formed in 1980 to cover the same area as the District Council. Since that date the Society has endeavoured to address all aspects of planning both built and environment in the District. Representation has been made at Planning Enquiries and all applications are carefully monitored.' Within the Society, its Local History Group organizes a series of Talks each year, normally between September and April.

'Founded in 1974 as a response to the rapid development of the town. The Civic Society provides a meeting place for all with an interest in the enhancement and preservation of Droitwich Spa, as a town with a unique heritage and facilities in which to live, to work and to find a stimulating environment. It is committed to the improvement of our town, including the protection and preservation of its historic core. The Society works to enhance, promote and celebrate the town's heritage, participating in local initiatives and contributing to documenting the town's conservation area ... The Civic Society arranges an interesting programme of meetings with guest speakers and visits to places of local interest for members and visitors.'

Category Europe

'The Greek word 'kefi', which means good humour, perfectly describes the tone of the club. We meet monthly from October to July ... About seven of our meetings centre on talks by club members or invited speakers on Greece-related subjects including for example: ancient and recent history, mythology and its impact, ancient philosophy, art and music, life and travel in Greece today and, by no means least, Greek food.'

'The Kidderminster Civic Society was founded in 1993 following the demolition of the Kidderminster Library and the Schools of Arts and Science ... The Society has held back the forces in favour of the steady demolition of the town’s historic townscape by a series of successful listing applications ... There is a varied programme of walks, talks, visits and other events throughout the year. Suggestions for and contributions to the programme are always welcome ... Additional meetings are arranged when local issues arise needing a prompt response by the Society.  It is your Society – help us to use it to good effect.'

'Aims to conserve and protect the best elements of Malvern’s heritage in the built and natural environments while seeking to encourage high standards of planning and design for the enhancement of Great Malvern and the surrounding area ... The Malvern Civic Society hold monthly meetings with talks from speakers on a wide variety of topics.'

'Malvern Family History Society has a thriving membership of over 300 family history enthusiasts from around the world. Our members are a mixture of people who are local to Malvern and Worcestershire, whose roots can be local or spread far and wide, and those further afield with family links back to this area.' Monthly meetings, usually on the first Wednesday.

'Our small, independent museum is located in the centre of Great Malvern, within 5 minutes walk of Malvern Priory and the Tourist Information Centre. The museum is a registered charity, and is run entirely by enthusiastic and friendly volunteers ... Lectures are held on the last Friday of every month from September through to April.'

'Promoting the history of the area since 2009 ... We have eleven Monthly Meetings throughout the year beginning in February and finishing in December. Nine of the meetings have the same format. We have a local history speaker for the first hour and a refreshment internal for tea/coffee and biscuits. Non-members are encouraged to attend these meetings.'

'The Society is based very strongly on "philately is fun". We all have enough stress within our lives and we use our hobby as a form of relaxation. Meetings are structured and relaxed but never casual. Prospective members are encouraged to attend a number of our meetings to enable them to decide if they wish to join us, and when they do they become part of what is a friendly group of people with a common interest in one or more of the many aspects of philately.'

'The Society works to protect and improve Stourport and to promote interest in its history as a Georgian New Town and Canal Port, industrial centre and inland resort. The society is concerned to safeguard the greenbelt and landscape of the Severn Valley. The Society is a non political organisation.'

'Formed in 1988 and has over 80 members, of which around 50 regularly attend meetings and talks. The objectives of the Society are to research, and record, the history of Wolverley and Cookley, and to collect, conserve and publish historical records and research material. To meet these objectives we maintain an archive of books, documents and other material and publish articles submitted by members. We also arrange talks by outside speakers and local walks which often include something of historical interest.'

Category Rail Transport

'We are a small but dedicated band of enthusiasts formed in 1960. We own and operate several items of historic railway rolling stock. We run FREE meetings for our members throughout the year in Hereford and Worcester. We need your support to help us continue our work.'

'The Worcestershire Archaeological Society has been promoting the study of archaeology and local history in Worcestershire since 1854 and we are committed to co-operation with like-minded local and national organisations to help achieve our aims. We have an annual lecture programme with summer excursions both within Worcestershire and further afield.'

'Covers the county of Worcestershire as it was in about 1850 (as far north as Dudley).'

'A friendly club aiming to encourage the enjoyment and practice of photography. We hope our varied programme of talks and events will offer something for everyone to enjoy whether you're a novice just starting out or a qualified professional.'

Category Worcestershire

Member of the Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers Grouping

'We aim to stimulate interest in, record, study and, where appropriate, preserve items of local industrial history in Worcestershire ... We stage a series of talks through the winter and visits during the summer ... From September to April, we host monthly talks on industrial archaeology and local history from society members and guest speakers. Talks are usually illustrated and are held on a Friday evening ... From May to September, we organise visits to local and distant attractions. We usually have a knowledgeable guide and many attractions allow us access not usually open to the general public. Coach trips are arranged for more distant locations.'

Category Worcestershire

Member of the Local History Society Federations Grouping

Category Worcestershire

Member of the Amphibian and Reptile Groups of the UK Grouping

'Members of the WCHS share a common and enthusiastic interest in plants and gardens. Each year we enjoy a range of diverse and entertaining speakers and arrange garden visits. We also organise several competitions and an annual Flower and Produce Show.'

'The main aim of the Group is to actively promote the history and heritage of the Wyre Forest area.'

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