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'The Lord Caradon Lectures Trust was established to commemorate the life and work of Hugh Mackintosh Foot, Lord Caradon (1907-1990). Lord Caradon had himself been involved in the original planning of an annual lecture on international affairs to be given in Plymouth by an eminent speaker. As it happened the inaugural, and by now commemorative lecture, was given in 1991, the year following Lord Caradon’s death. By the terms of the Trust all lectures are open to the public and admission is free ... The lectures are always on a theme of international significance related to Lord Caradon’s life and work.'

'The Plymouth Athenaeum is a charity dedicated to the study and promotion of learning in science, technology, literature and art ... The Athenaeum building, located at Derry’s Cross in Plymouth city centre, includes a 340-seat theatre, lecture hall, lounge, meeting rooms and a library.' Organize a wide range of events, including a Lecture Series.

Member of the Devon Beekeepers' Association Grouping

Member of the Calligraphy & Lettering Arts Society Grouping

'Plymouth Humanists provide a range of activities where non-religious people can meet, socialise, debate and support each other. We are a partner group of Humanists UK ... We organise a talk each month, for which we bring in an external speaker, as well as holding social events, discussions and outdoor activities. One Sunday a month we run a "conservation walk" clearing up local woodland. We take an active interest in all other local groups that have a similar outlook.'

'The Society was purportedly founded in 1876 and is affiliated to Wessex Philatelic Federation and the Association of British Philatelic Societies. Today the Plymouth Philatelic Society enjoys a vibrant atmosphere at meetings ... PPS has a varied and interesting programme of events, including presentations, an annual auction, members displays, an annual competition night and at the AGM, the committee usually entertains. The club is “forward thinking and backward looking” with a history project in being to discover our roots.'

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