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Category London

'London Potters is a voluntary organisation formed in 1986 to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences of all those involved with an interest in ceramics. We are a London based society (but not restricted to London) offering memberships to both professional and non-professional potters and ceramicists and on a non-selected basis.'  Objectives include: 'To develop members knowledge and ceramic education and promote the exchange of ideas and techniques through workshops, talks and demonstrations'.

Established in 1987:  '* To support the conservation of buildings of historical or architectural importance; * To promote the advancement of education; * To encourage the conservation of natural features, landscape, ecology and character of the area; * To stimulate public interest in the history, character, beauty and wildlife of the area; * To nurture artistic activity, locally nationally and internationally.'

Category Tiverton

Member of the Local History Societies - Devon Grouping

'Our vision is to transform lives, communities, businesses and society through applied education and insight ... We will have research and innovation that enhances teaching and tackles global and civic challenges, generates critical insights and sustainable solutions that transform the lives of individuals, communities, businesses and society.'

Category Across the UK

The Money Macro and Finance Society 'is committed to the advancement of education in the fields of monetary economics, macroeconomics, and financial economics in particular, but not exclusively within the United Kingdom. It does this through conferences, public lectures, publications, seminars, workshops and promoting research in all aspects of monetary economics, macroeconomics, and financial economics and publishes the useful results'.

'The North Cornwall Book Festival is part of the year round activity of the Arts Charity, Endelienta. We welcome people from North Cornwall and beyond to our two days of schools workshops followed by a weekend packed with author talks, workshops, exhibitions and evening concerts.' Normally held Late September.

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Category Lincoln

'The Friends are from a wide range of backgrounds with interests ranging from archaeology through natural, social & industrial history to fine art and artefacts.The Museums & Gallery contain an extensive range of subjects which allows us to explore our broad range of interests & the relationships between them.The money we raise by subscriptions and from the talks, visits and holidays which we organise goes entirely to support the Museums & Gallery.'

Category Powys

Founded 1997: 'We are a friendly get-together of enthusiasts who have an interest in various aspects of geology. We range from complete novices to experts and we meet regularly at 7.15 on the third Wednesday of the month in Newtown, Powys ... We have a programme of lectures and field trips to mines, quarries, river sections and other exposures throughout Mid Wales and the Borders'.


'The Suffolk Stour was the ancient division between East Anglia and Essex but its source is in Cambridgeshire.  It is 50 miles long and winds its way through the countryside until it meets the sea at Harwich. Nayland and Wissington are two of the many settlements on its banks ... The Nayland with Wissington Conservation Society have three meetings, with specialist speakers, each year. We organise footpath walks in May and the long-established Open Gardens each June. The proceeds from this benefit various village conservation projects.'

Category Christianity

'Through the Montgomery Trust you can invite nationally renowned lecturers in apologetics to speak at your event free of charge. The Montgomery Trust was set up by Sir Alexander Montgomery to promote lectures "in explanation and defence of the Christian religion with a view to removing difficulties widely felt in the way of faith and to demonstrate the reasonableness of theistic belief". It exists to bring the insights of renowned academic and scientific minds to anyone seeking to understand faith more deeply.

Category Across the UK

Formed 1948: 'Its object is to advance public education and knowledge about Ethiopia, including its history, culture, art and architecture, natural history and economy. This is achieved through ... the provision of regular lectures covering a wide range of topics related to Ethiopia that are open to anyone wishing to attend and usually free of charge'. Other activities include publication of a Newsletter, maintenance of a Library, hosting Social Events.

'Our mission is to uphold Sir Martin Gilbert’s legacy for future generations, using his scholarship, integrity and principles as a guide for those who wish to learn from history. We aim to bring historical learning to wide audiences, and to engage people of diverse ages and backgrounds. We run a varied programme that includes lectures, events, courses, and essay competitions about the subjects closest to Martin’s heart: the Holocaust, Churchill, Israel, and modern Jewish history. We aim to reach young people in particular, inspiring them to love history and helping them acquire skills of historical enquiry.'

Category Blandford Forum

'Born from the minds of a few avid readers back in 2019, we successfully raised donations and various offers of sponsorship within just a few weeks. Blandford is home to a plethora of talent and it became our mission to make that talent known; introducing the town to both new and existing writers and encouraging creativity within the community.' First Festival held Late March [2022].

Category Across the UK

'This Site is intended as a resource hub, for those wishing to find out more about Eliot’s work and life, as well as providing news about events, performances and publications of interest to Eliot enthusiasts. This site has has been selected as “being of lasting research value and worthy of permanent preservation in the Web Archive of the Bodleian Libraries.”.'

Established 2016: 'A weekly philosophy podcast inspiring and supporting students, teachers, academics, and free-thinkers worldwide ... The project aims to provide students and teachers with high-quality resources, whilst creating content that is appealing and accessible to the general public. The Panpsycast also aims to inspire further study and seeks to disseminate research from leading scholars ... The Panpsycast has been a dream come true, and as we move forward, we want to be creating more content. More interviews, more "old-school" episodes, spin-off shows, audiobooks, after shows, and books!'

The Art Society for Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire Artists  'Founded in 1968, Ringwood Art Society is a group for local artists to meet, learn about art, create and exhibit their work. It aims to avail local art to the community and beyond and to stimulate and encourage an interest in all things artistic. The Society hosts an exciting programme of club night demonstrations, workshops, ceramics afternoons, and plein-air days ... We welcome non-members to any Club evening ...'

Category Avon

'The Natural History Consortium is a unique partnership of 14 members who work collaboratively within the NHC charitable structure. Our membership reflects the west of England region’s reputation as a leading centre for the understanding and appreciation of the natural world, and our programmes have national reach and impact ... The Festival of Nature is the UK's largest free celebration of the natural world ... There’ll be something for everyone in the packed programme – a family nature party, literary events, green social prescribing sessions, content creator’s evening, nature at night workshop and so much more.' Normally held Mid June in Bristol and Bath.

'Find out about all the latest events taking place at Royal Holloway ... View recordings of selected past events ...'

'An  organisation that aims to help garden related clubs by offering advice and help. Any person responsible for organising speakers to visit their club knows how difficult it can be finding good speakers through the year. DFHS holds a register of speakers along with their talk details, fees, travelling expenses etc. which any club that joins DFHS will have access to.'

Category Totnes

Member of the Local History Societies - Devon Grouping

'Manx National Heritage is responsible for protecting and promoting the Isle of Man’s natural and cultural heritage. We are a registered charity and look after some of the Island’s most special places, spaces, archives and museum collections, making these available to people across the world ... The Friends of Manx National Heritage   offer 'a full programme of Members' events which include visits, guided tours, exhibitions, lectures, film nights and social gatherings''.

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