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Founded 1969: 'Monthly meetings with visiting speakers are organised for all members and social events are regularly held. There are several groups in the Society looking after particular areas such as trees, footpaths, guiding. Any member can join any or all of these groups'.

'The Museum was founded in 1983. Its mission is to preserve, store, and interpret the heritage and history of the industries and people of the River Wandle ... The museum is located in Mitcham, Surrey ... The once industrial River Wandle flows through the London Boroughs of Croydon, Sutton, Merton and Wandsworth. It rises in both Carshalton and Croydon before its path takes it into the Thames at Wandsworth. With a fall of 38 metres (126ft) and a length of 19 kilometres (12 miles) it is a very fast flowing river ... Whilst industries still exist along the river today, they sadly no longer use its power. Today, the river is a place of leisure with nature reserves and pleasant parkland that makes a walk along its length a very enjoyable one.'

'Blackfriars undoubtedly plays a very important role as Boston's centre for entertainment and the arts. It is home to two very successful local amateur dramatic and operatic groups, as well as hosting a varied program of professional stage productions.'

Member of the Photographic Societies - Central Scotland Grouping

Category Rushden

Member of the Local History Societies - Northamptonshire Grouping

Category Rail Transport

'Railfuture is the UK's leading independent organisation campaigning for better rail services for passengers and freight. We are a voluntary group representing rail users, with 20,000 affiliated and individual members. Railfuture is a one-member one-vote democracy which is not funded by train companies, political parties or trade unions ...  Our branches are the heart of the Railfuture organisation; our members meet locally to identify local issues and campaign for initiatives which will meet them. Their recent successes have improved the attraction of rail travel. Railfuture has 12 branches in England, plus branches in Wales and Scotland ... There are over 300 Rail User Groups nationally, which campaign for improvements in their own rail services and stations. Many are affiliated to Railfuture.'

Category Borehamwood

Member of the Gardening and Horticultural Societies - Hertfordshire Grouping

'Founded by Mr A F Cross on 9 November 1930. Mr Cross was the editor of the Nuneaton Chronicle newspaper and had been campaigning for some 25 years for a memorial to George Eliot in her native town, Nuneaton ... The George Eliot Fellowship exists to honour George Eliot and to promote interest in her life and works. It is a forum for those who admire her writing, and for those who wish to learn more.'

Category Cheltenham

'How long is a piece of string? What makes the world turn? And why does chocolate taste so good? Nothing is off limits at Cheltenham Science Festival. Every year we are joined by the world’s greatest scientists, futurologists and thought-leaders to help make sense of the world around us.'  Normally held Early June.

Category Christianity

'In our fast, shifting & global modern culture, relationships with the church community can be difficult to sustain. Add this to the life styles of creative artists which are often unstructured, solitary and transient and you discover a huge need for a community, one which understands the rigours of being on tour and away from home for extended periods, working when others are out "playing" and dealing with inconsistent work opportunities ... We are here to support, encourage, inspire and mentor each other as we seek to integrate our lives, Christian faith and artistic endeavours. Throughout the years ACG has run a great variety of events and created multiple opportunities which enabled our members to engage with each other and be encouraged in the pursuit of their careers.'

'London’s largest dedicated children’s literature event ... Barnes is put on by families for families so we’re 100% committed to making sure your tribe has an amazing time. As well as bringing you all your favourite authors and illustrators, we’re always pushing the boundaries of traditional literature festivals to create loads more space for the family-friendliest fun.  At Barnes we programme books as theatre, music, maths, science, art, craft, cookery, film, football, whatever it takes really to bring the magic of reading and writing to the kids.' Normally held Late June.

Category Cambridgeshire

'There are many different heritage groups working in the region with many operating in isolation and the network developed from a common interest in sharing learning and offering mutual support. The network is open to all organisations from across the region including museums, libraries, local history groups and archaeology societies. The network is free and open to all heritage groups.'  There are 'various events by our members, all actively promoted here and elsewhere, for all to enjoy'.

'The people of Colonsay, like many communities large and small, have always shared a love of books and literature, joining in book groups and participating in fringe poetry sessions at the music festival. At a community meeting in June 2011, the idea of a book festival for the island was tentatively mooted, and ten months later, at the end of April 2012, we were welcoming our first six authors and an eager audience.' Normally held Early May.

Category Chard

Founded 2016: normally held Late May.

'Celebrating the joy of books and reading ... The Festival plays a key role in supporting the economic, social, cultural and educational prosperity of our city. Arts and culture in Derby is flourishing and the Festival is now well established as the East Midlands’ most successful literary festival.' Spring Festival normally held Late May - Early June. Have also held an Autumn Edition in November.

'A festival for children and families to celebrate books of all kinds, inspire new authors and enjoy reading, writing and storytelling with joy, fun and friendship ... The festival takes place in the historic town of Pontypridd, the gateway to the Rhondda and Cynon Valleys. We love our community -- and the festival enjoys showcasing the delights of our town’s beautiful museum, our exciting new library ​and our fantastic park, perfect for bookish adventures!' Festival normally held Early May.

Category Cambridge

'The aim of the Centre is to increase our capacity for rigorous gender analysis and to promote awareness of its relevance in historic, economic, political, artistic, social, and scientific contexts ... The Centre runs high profile symposia, public lectures and research seminars, as well as a multi-disciplinary MPhil and PhD programme, a visiting scholars’ programme and a distinguished Visiting Professorship Scheme (The Diane Middlebrook and Carl Djerassi Visiting Professorship). The Centre also has an excellent network of visiting scholars and invited lecturers.'

Category Westminster

'LSE Gender pioneers intersectional, interdisciplinary and transnational teaching and research, addressing the tenacity of gendered power relations and gendered inequalities in times of global transformations. Established in 1993, LSE Gender is the largest Department of Gender Studies in Europe.'

'Looks to become a hub for study, teaching, learning, and activism about gender and sexuality on campus. The Institute has three primary goals: to support faculty and student research and research collaboration in the study of gender and sexuality, to support teaching and learning of and around gender and sexuality, and to produce resources for community engagement and impact around gender and sexuality.'

'Gender is a key theme for Sussex research and many of our faculty are expert leaders in this field. We research and teach on gender issues in a variety of schools and departments which leads to fresh and innovative debates and to a diverse approach to teaching and learning. We also have a strong policy, community, and media presence via several high-profile research projects.'

'Established in 2016 ...  the core tenets of the Institute of Gender Studies are inclusivity and interdisciplinarity. The team are committed to providing not only a platform for established researchers and practitioners working in the field, but also for undergraduate and postgraduate students from a range of disciplines.  As well as a regular seminar series, the Institute also offers an innovative and exciting MRes (Masters by Research).'

Category Bournemouth

'We're a leading arts university for the creative industries. We relentlessly innovate, collaborate and connect in ways that turn creative talent into careers ... The AUB Open Lectures are a series of events sharing specialist knowledge on topics of design thinking and creative practice. The lectures support the university's commitment to its civic agenda.'

Category Marple

'St Martin’s is a parish church in the liberal Catholic tradition of the Church of England. It was founded in 1870 by a local family who, influenced by the Oxford Movement and the ritual revival in the Church of England, wished to establish a church where Anglo-Catholic ceremonial would be observed. To create a worthy setting for this, the church employed prominent architects and designers over a period of fifty years. The church now stands as a treasury of work by artists in the English Arts and Crafts Movement. It is a Grade II* Listed Building, and thus of national significance.'

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