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'The Suffolk Stour was the ancient division between East Anglia and Essex but its source is in Cambridgeshire.  It is 50 miles long and winds its way through the countryside until it meets the sea at Harwich. Nayland and Wissington are two of the many settlements on its banks ... The Nayland with Wissington Conservation Society have three meetings, with specialist speakers, each year. We organise footpath walks in May and the long-established Open Gardens each June. The proceeds from this benefit various village conservation projects.'

'Wild Bicester is a joint project between the Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust, Bicester Garden Town and Cherwell District Council and we want to invite everyone, whatever their age or background, to get involved and turn their homes and communities into wildlife rich places to create a greener, healthier and wilder Bicester ... '

'WDVTA is working to ensure that Wokingham's veteran and other significant trees are properly identified, protected and managed - and to increase public awareness of their beauty and contribution to the town's heritage and amenity ... Since 2007 we have been surveying, recording and photographing veteran trees in Wokingham Borough. We have over 8000 trees in our database ... From time to time we organise events such as guided walks, training courses and talks on tree-related topics. Most events are open to non-members.'

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