Art History Talks, Tours and Travel   'Small, friendly, informative, inexpensive and innovative ways of delivering cultural events. We pride ourselves in our creative ways of offering access to cultural heritage, delivering audience engagement and participation for diverse communities, and offering the opportunity to look at some well known and much loved collections with fresh eyes and updated knowledge.'

'A friendly group of artists which welcomes other artists of all abilities as well as those who have an interest in the arts. We welcome painters in any media and craftspeople who are interested in ceramics sculpting and wood carving ... Membership mainly consists of keen amateurs, but we also have some professionals as members. Non-painters are welcome to join the Society.'

'The Society was formed in 1976 by Roy Baker, one time Mayor of the town. Its object is to promote the appreciation and practice of the Visual Arts. Roy was our President for many years; HRH The Prince of Wales is our current President ... Members come from Tetbury and the surrounding villages and towns and range from professional artists to self-taught improvers and beginners. We come together to share expertise in a friendly and helpful manner using various media, styles and techniques ... Membership is open to all. However, the Society expects that members will commit themselves to the group and participate with events, meetings and exhibitions.'

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