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'Intelligence² occupies a unique position in London's social and intellectual landscape. It is the only institution in town - aside from Parliament - to provide a forum for debate on the crucial issues of the day; but unlike Parliament, its debates are consistently exciting, witty, provocative ... and comfortable, held as they are at the Royal Geographical Society's Ondaatje Theatre and other venues ... Tickets for individual events can be purchased directly from our event page for the standard price of £25. There are a few exceptions to the standard price ...' Usually need to book ahead.

Online Lectures & Talks

Debates also accessible 'on air' and 'online': Premium Account 'Receive unlimited access to our regularly updated, expanding catalogue of written debates, which provide succinct and lucid analyses of major issues in politics, technology, the arts and other fields, breaking down each topic into the arguments for and against. Watch the full archive of videos from IQ² live debates and other IQ² events: lectures, talks and discussions. Perfect for students and the intellectually curious. If you prefer not to read or watch online, our written debates can be printed in PDF format and our videos can be downloaded on to your computer.'

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