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'Live' events occasionally open to members of the public.
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Access to a wide range of named and other lecture recordings, including: Philosophy for Beginners 'This series of five introductory lectures, aimed at students new to philosophy, presented by Marianne Talbot, Department for Continuing Education, University of Oxford, will test you on some famous thought experiments and introduce you to some central philosophical issues and to the thoughts of some key philosophers. The first lecture, A Romp Through the History of Philosophy, was global number one on iTunesU. Critical Reasoning for Beginners 'In this six-week course delivered by Marianne Talbot, another global number one and now downloaded over 2 million times, you will learn all about arguments, how to identify and evaluate them, and how not to mistake bad arguments for good.' Some 'live' Lectures can be open to the public ...
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Isaiah Berlin Lectures | John Locke Lectures
10 Merton Street, Oxford, OX1 4JJ
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