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The Squiggle Foundation Public Lecture Programme Lectures usually Saturday mornings: 'Squiggle finds it necessary for financial reasons to break with the Foundation's long tradition and charge our members a small fee of £5.00 for entry to public lectures ... Lecture entry for non-members remains at £15.00 full rate and concessions £10.00 (full-time students, senior citizens, UB40s).' ALERT The Programme - as such - seems to have been discontinued. However, the Memorial Lecture has continued to be held annually.

Named Lectures & Talks
Madeleine Davis Memorial Lecture
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'The Squiggle Foundation’s aims are: * To study the work of Dr. Donald Woods Winnicott (1896-1971); * To spread his ideas to a wide audience and put them into everyday use in today’s world ... The word “squiggle” comes from a method Winnicott used to facilitate communication 
with a child.'

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