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'Our aim is to promote all aspects of astronomy to all ages, beginners and experienced, and to provide a suitable location where all those interested can meet and share knowledge and experience. We meet on the second and fourth Mondays of each month ... Talks / events and observations are scheduled for meetings ... However, this schedule may be varied in order to take advantage of good viewing conditions. If weather conditions are favourable we also meet on the other Mondays for an evening devoted to observation. These sessions are ideal for all levels of experience and members and non-members can gain a practical view of the night sky. No equipment is necessary as various pieces of equipment will be available for non-members to use.'

Category King's Lynn

The King's Lynn ‍Literature ‍Festivals ‍are ‍held during ‍a ‍single ‍weekend ‍in ‍March ‍(Fiction) ‍and ‍September ‍(Poetry) ‍each ‍year. Our guiding principle ... is to present some of the ‍best ‍contemporary ‍writers ‍of ‍chapter ‍and ‍verse ‍in ‍a ‍friendly ‍and ‍informal ‍setting. ‍You ‍will ‍see ‍authors ‍of ‍international ‍repute ‍alongside ‍new, ‍from ‍all ‍age ‍ranges ‍and from ‍locations ‍across ‍the ‍world. ‍Meet ‍the ‍writers, ‍hear ‍them ‍reading ‍and ‍buy ‍their ‍books.'

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