'Established in 1958 as the Brighton and Hove Humanist Group, Brighton Humanists continue the long tradition of freethinking in our wonderful city ... We hold a regular series of talks and lectures as well as discussion groups and socials.'

The Humanist Group for anyone who lives, works or otherwise finds themselves in central London regularly. Local humanist groups exist for anyone who wants to get together in relation to their humanist, atheist or secularist beliefs ... The Group meets several times a month for a variety of activities, such as: * The pub social: an informal get-together, without a structure or agenda; * The monthly talk: experts on relevant subjects deliver a talk and takes questions, and this is followed by drinks and an informal chat at a local pub.'

'Chichester Humanists run a wide range of events and activities for non-religious people.'

'Conway Hall is owned and operated by Conway Hall Ethical Society, a membership organisation and educational charity with a history spanning two centuries. The Hall hosts a wide variety of lectures, classes, performances, community and social events. It is renowned as a hub for free speech and independent thought: Hosting suffragettes, political radicals, scientists, philosophers, artists, performers; campaign, charities and other non-profit organisations.'

'A flourishing group of Humanists, and people with similar views and beliefs, who enjoy sharing ideas, being stimulated by talks from invited speakers, contributing to the community and socialising ... In addition to monthly talks we also hold other events such as pub walks, pub cycles, an annual public panel meeting or debate, visit to a place of Humanist interest, annual dinner, garden party, festive evening and we have a thriving bookclub.'

'Local groups are based in the Borders, Edinburgh, Fife, Glasgow and the Highlands (Inverness). These groups offer members (and non-members) a chance to meet other Humanists for interesting talks, discussion, socialising and much more. Membership of Humanist Society Scotland entitles you to attend their meetings, film nights, debates and social occasions.'

'The leading organisation in Leicestershire advocating and campaigning for an inclusive and plural society free from religious privilege, prejudice and discrimination ... The Society aims to provide a stimulating atmosphere nurturing debate and creativity. Regular talks, meetings and events continue to be held at Leicester Secular Hall, one of the world's last surviving Secular Halls, built in 1881. The Hall and Society together provide a local base for loosely bound groups and individuals to join forces with a view to creating a better world.'

'We hold our public meetings on the second Thursday of the month ... We discuss all kinds of issues, and always try to keep meetings topical and relevant to what's going on locally and nationally ... Milton Keynes Humanists is a non-prophet organisation ...'

'North East Humanists is a registered charity ... consisting of over 200 members, making it the largest regional Humanist group in the United Kingdom. We are involved in a wide range of activities including working with school teachers to deliver lessons about Humanism in the RE curriculum, providing pastoral support in local hospitals and prisons, hosting events where invited speakers talk about a wide variety of topics, and numerous social events for members ... We continually invite distinguished speakers to come and give talks about the latest ethical, social, and scientific issues. These are generally held the third Thursday of the month.'

Normally 'meets on the second Thursday of the month (except in August & December) for talks & discussion interspersed with social events such as a meal in a restaurant, maybe finishing at a Member's home, garden party or a theatre visit ... Visitors welcome to come and see if you like us without charge or obligation'.

'The North Yorkshire Humanist Group began life in January 2005. We meet regularly to discuss issues of interest to humanists, and to support national and local campaigns that are relevant to humanists. Visitors and members come from all over Yorkshire (and beyond). The Group continues to grow and expand its activities ... You do not need to be a member to attend our talks.'

'Plymouth Humanists provide a range of activities where non-religious people can meet, socialise, debate and support each other. We are a partner group of Humanists UK ... We organise a talk each month, for which we bring in an external speaker, as well as holding social events, discussions and outdoor activities. One Sunday a month we run a "conservation walk" clearing up local woodland. We take an active interest in all other local groups that have a similar outlook.'

'South Hampshire Humanists started up in 1993 for those in the region who choose to live without religion. We hold regular meetings, informal discussion groups and social gatherings.'

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