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'If you are interested in becoming a Beekeeper or just interested in beekeeping generally, join a Local Branch of the Association ... DBKA is organised into 11 Branches ... Members may attend meetings of any Branch, but it is advisable (and courteous) to contact the Branch Secretary first.'

Member of the British Dowsers Grouping

Member of The Inter Faith Network for the UK Grouping

'The Society’s objects are to promote the study of genealogy and history, especially of Devon families and places, to educate the public therein through advice and instruction, and, for the public benefit, to encourage the preservation and transcription of relevant documents and records, especially for the county of Devon. The Devon Family History Society, formed in 1976, is one of the largest FHS in the UK.'

Member of the Local History Society Federations Grouping

Member of the Local Nature Partnerships: England Grouping

Member of The Orchid Society of Great Britain Grouping

Member of the Amphibian and Reptile Groups of the UK Grouping

'Dedicated to the study and exchange of information and ideas on all matters concerning the county of Devon – in particular, the cultural identity of the county and its distinctiveness – through research, recording and publication ... The Association has six Branches that cover most of the county and offer a broad range of topics tailored to the diverse interests of their members. Each Branch has its own committee which arranges a broad-based, annual programme of Devon-related talks, excursions and social gatherings.'

Member of The Institution of Engineering and Technology Grouping

Member of the British Dowsers Grouping

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