Brighton and Hove

'There are a broad range of professional and amateur speakers that visit our meetings and give informative and thought provoking talks for amateur astronomers of every experience and interest.'

Founded 1984: 'We have about 90 members in total, providing a wide range of backgrounds, interests, professions and ages. We have a calendar of meetings starting with our monthly meetings on the first Wednesday of each month from October to April. We invite speakers to talk on a wide variety of Earth Science topics.'

'We are an amateur archaeological society based in the Brighton and Hove area, in the county of Sussex in England (inaugurated in 1906) ... During the Winter months we have a varied lecture programme on a wide range of archaeological topics and in addition our associated Local History Group also runs a lecture programme.'

'We are one of the largest camera clubs around ... and most certainly one of the oldest, as were founded in 1891 ... We are fortunate in that we can attract high profile, national & international, photographers and other professionals to come along and present to us. Aside from the professionals, we put on workshops, have a dedicated (somewhat unique) New Members Group, put on social events, day trips, photo walks and more. We are a friendly lot and always welcome new members.'

'We are an arts charity made up of a historic events venue, a music education service and the biggest curated cross-arts festival in England. Together we bring the arts and culture to a wide and diverse audience.' Normally held May.

'Established in 1958 as the Brighton and Hove Humanist Group, Brighton Humanists continue the long tradition of freethinking in our wonderful city ... We hold a regular series of talks and lectures as well as discussion groups and socials.'

'We hope to make science so irresistible to young students that the A-level courses are flooded with applicants. Already there is an increased uptake in Sussex. This is good. It means higher standards and better choice for businesses. Even for young people who decide to leave school at sixteen there will be an enduring interest in science and respect for scientists and engineers. Come to the Festival. Bring your family, bring your enthusiasm.' Normally held February (for 7-14 years olds) and October (for adults).

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