Our meetings are open to everyone and are free to attend for members ... We start meetings with an update on what is new. This is a section where we talk about the latest  happenings, be it space missions, new discoveries or fascinating facts, or upcoming club events and news ... We always have a Talk and it could be about anything at all. We cover everything from hands on workshops, talks about stars and planets, radio astronomy, the history of astronomy, looking for life on other worlds or the end of the world as we know it as we get hit by fiery asteroids! We aim for an hour or so, to allow time for questions.'

'We meet every Thursday evening at 7.15PM for a 7.45PM start, from early September until mid May ... We have a diverse membership, working in traditional darkroom print and digital media ... Our programme comprises a mixture of talks by top photographers and a variety of competitions. We welcome new members.'

'A group of around 100 members, who take an interest in local history. Talks are held 8.00 o'clock second Thursday of the month, from September to May.'

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