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'We aspire to be a world-class business school community, embedded in this world-class University, tackling world-scale problems ... Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford blends the best of new and old. We are a young, vibrant, and entrepreneurial business school deeply embedded in the world’s most prestigious university. We deliver cutting-edge education and ground-breaking research that transform individuals, organisations, business practice, and society.'

Category Art Galleries

'The Sainsbury Centre is one of the most prominent university art galleries in Britain, and a major national centre for the study and presentation of art. We house the extraordinary art collection of Robert and Lisa Sainsbury, as well as the Anderson Collection of Art Nouveau and the University’s Abstract and Constructivist Collection. Alongside these permanent collections, we host a range of temporary exhibitions, with our new galleries providing the largest climate-controlled exhibition space in Eastern England. We also offer an award-winning learning programme of gallery talks, lectures and art workshops.'

Category Asia

Mission is 'to promote world class research and be a leader in the study of Japanese arts and cultures from the past to the present ...  It maintains its programme of fellowships, public lectures and international workshops as well as its commitment to the web and web publications'.

'Our Club was formed in 1946 as the Sale Amateur Photographic Society with the aim of allowing members to meet and learn from like minded people. Over the years technologies, approaches and members may have changed, but allowing people to meet and learn from each other remains core to our beliefs. From novices to experienced photographers across a range of subject, our members have a wide range of experience to share. Our weekly meetings offer an combination of talks, practical sessions, folios of other peoples images and competitions. Through these members can gain information, advice, inspiration and critique. All of our meetings are open to visitors.'

'The Salisbury and District Natural History Society was founded in 1952. It is a registered charity with the following aims: * To record the flora and fauna of the district; * To study the natural history of the district; * To make a photographic record of the district; * To promote the conservation of the flora and fauna of the district.' Indoor meetings are held from September to April.

'Each year a new programme is drawn up by the Committee and includes as many different topics as time allows taking into consideration members' requests for any given subject. Included in this framework are two-monthly evening meetings where we might have a guest speaker from outside, a visit from another Philatelic Society ... Meetings are not restricted to members and visitors are always very welcome.'

'The Salisbury Civic Society, founded in 1960, works to promote high standards of contemporary design in all aspects of the built environment within Salisbury and South Wiltshire, whilst safeguarding the historic buildings and landscape setting underpinning the area’s special character ... Through a series of awards, talks, forums, open meetings, visits and social media we promote and provide information on the architecture, history and geography of the area.'

'Sandbach History Society was started by a group of enthusiasts in the 1970’s ... The Society is an informal education provider offering monthly talks and presentations on local history in the context of regional and national history. It supports individuals and groups who are carrying out research. If the Society committee cannot supply the answer, they invariably know someone who can and are able to suggest avenues of research.

'Sandy Astronomical Society is a young society, formed in 2014 ... We are a not-for-profit organisation with a constitution and policies. Our purpose is to encourage you in this astronomical hobby. We engage with youth groups (well, anyone really), and perform outreach events to members of the general public.'

'SAVE is a strong, independent voice in conservation that has been fighting for threatened historic buildings and sustainable reuses since 1975. We are at the forefront of national heritage conservation. We intervene to help historic buildings and places in serious danger of demolition or decay. We stand apart from other organisations by bringing together architects, engineers, planners and investors to offer viable alternative proposals. Where necessary, and with expert advice, we take legal action to prevent major and needless losses ... Our online events series has proved immensely popular, reaching national and international audiences and allowing us to come together from the comfort of our own homes. If you missed an online event you can now catch up on our recordings ... We look forward to offering an exciting hybrid events schedule with in-person as well as online events.'

'Founded in 1889. We are a group of amateur naturalists’ with interests throughout the spectrum of natural history. There are members at all levels of knowledge, from interested beginners to those with specialist knowledge in their chosen fields. We would encourage anyone with an interest in the natural world around them to take a look at our Calendar, choose a talk that is of particular interest (or just the next one on the list), and come along to see what we are all about.'

'The nine institutes of the School collectively offer a wide range of seminars, workshops, lectures, conferences, and other academic events. The majority of our events are free and open to the public. Most of our events do not require advance booking.'

'Knowledge about designed environments can often get separated into disconnected professions with specialised languages and habits. In contrast, our School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape both addresses our professions and works beyond them. Our internationally renowned experts pursue methods ranging across the social sciences, humanities, engineering, creative practice, and biotechnology to achieve the latest insights. And our teaching aims to equip students to lead the professions and vocations they'll retire from. We work across Europe and the globe, inspired by our place in north-east England.'

'We're a vibrant hub of multi-disciplinary scholarship that seeks to address and resolve the most pressing issues facing our world today. By drawing together a unique cohort of scholars, our School covers expertise in global environmental governance, climate change, global health, cross-border migration, emerging economies and politics. We're comprised of the Departments of Geography, International Development and Global Health & Social Medicine, the African Leadership Centre and the Global Institutes (Lau China, India, Brazil and Menzies Australia).'

Category Schools of Law

'Birkbeck's School of Law, founded in 1992, is home to the Department of Criminology, the Department of Law and the Institute for Crime and Justice Policy Research. A vibrant student community are taught by internationally renowned researchers working across six core themes: Critical Legal and Criminological Theory; Human Rights; Law and Humanities; Policy, Practice and Activism; Race, Gender and Culture; and Regulation, Risk and Surveillance.'

Category Schools of Law

'The School of Law at Queen's, part of the Russell Group, is a leading UK Law School. The School interacts with the wide community of people who have an interest in the study of law locally, nationally and globally. It provides innovative teaching delivered by world class staff in a beautiful environment.'

'The University of Dundee is one of the leading universities in Europe for research in Life Sciences. We make fundamental discoveries on the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying health and disease in humans, animals, plants, parasites and bacteria and translate that knowledge to address global challenges ... Sharing and explaining our science has always been recognised as an integral part of the remit and responsibility of all our scientists. We are keen to communicate our passion for scientific research to members of the public, to people of all ages and from all educational backgrounds. We are eager to invite you into the world of discovery – a world that is primarily funded by you - and introduce you to how we work, what we hope to achieve and help you to understand how together we are changing lives.'

'Although we are the oldest Welsh department in Wales, we are looking to the future and to the development of our language, our society and our identity in contemporary Wales. The study of language and literature is combined with unique modules relevant to Welsh in today’s Wales ... Beyond our academic programmes, we are helping to ensure the prosperity of the Welsh language by working with the local community. The Welsh for Adults Centre teaches Welsh to more than 1,700 adults in Cardiff and the Vale. In addition to this the new Welsh for All programme offers Cardiff University students the opportunity to learn Welsh, completely free, alongside their academic studies.'

Category London

Member of the Society of Chemical Industry Grouping

Member of the Society of Chemical Industry Grouping

'As the world’s leading group of science museums, we share our unparalleled collection spanning science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine with over five million visitors each year.'

'The SMN is working with full awareness and appreciation of scientific method, but exploring and expanding, in a spirit of open and critical enquiry, frontier issues at the interfaces between science, health, consciousness, wellbeing, love and spirituality, to explore how to rediscover a meaningful spirituality to help rebalance our lives. The Network is part of a worldwide contemporary movement for education, personal development, and compatible “spiritual emergence”, networking: scientists, doctors, psychologists, educators, engineers, philosophers, complementary practitioners and other professionals, for mutual and societal benefit.'

'SPRI's mission is to enhance the understanding of the polar regions through scholarly research and publication, educating new generations of polar researchers, caring for and making accessible its collections (including its library, archival, photographic and object collections), and projecting the history and environmental significance of the polar regions to the wider community for public benefit.'

'Promotes and encourages the study of Scottish family history, and provides a forum for the exchange of information among members. SAFHS is an umbrella association of Scottish Family History Societies, and individual direct membership is not possible ... Annual Conferences are organised by member societies in conjunction with SAFHS who is willing to help and underwrite such events. They promote family history to the public through programmes of talks, sale of publications and recruitment of new members to societies. Those attending have the opportunity to meet others with similar interests and exchange ideas.'

'As Scotland’s national dance company, our mission is to inspire on stage and beyond ... Our creative vision goes beyond choreography. From digital platforms to novel ideas that engage our audiences, we’re always seeking new ways to bring the power of dance to as many people as possible.'

'The purpose of the Scottish Beekeepers Association is to support honey bees and beekeepers and to improve the standard of beekeeping, and to promote honey bee products in Scotland through: * The advancement of education in relation to the craft of beekeeping; * The advancement of the heritage, culture and science of beekeeping ; * The advancement of environmental protection by conservation of the honey bee.'  Over 40 Affiliated Beekeeping Associations support the work of the SBA.

Category Law and Society

'The Centre is a collaboration between the Universities of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling and Strathclyde. The SCCJR aims to produce research that informs policy and practice and advances our understanding of justice.'

Category Music and Dance

'The SCO makes a significant contribution to Scottish life both on the concert platform and beyond, working in schools, universities, hospitals, care homes and community centres through its award-winning Creative Learning programme.'

'Set up in 1967, to help people connect to their built heritage and take a leading role in guiding its development ... Our Mission is to celebrate Scotland’s built environment, take action for its improvement and empower its communities.'

Member of the Local History Society Federations Grouping

Category Arts Festivals

'One of Scotland's most diverse cultural events, covering everything from music, film and visual art to theatre, dance, and literature ... By engaging with artists, connecting with communities and forming collaborations, we celebrate the artistic achievements of people with experience of mental health issues, exploring the relationship between creativity and the mind, and promoting positive mental health and wellbeing.' Normally held during May.

Member of The Orchid Society of Great Britain Grouping

Member of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining Grouping

Founded 1933: 'We pride ourselves on being inclusive and welcoming to all who share our interest in the wide range of plants that fall under the scope of the "rock garden" from the tiniest cushion plants to trees ... The SRGC supports local Groups in many parts of Scotland and the North of England and is always open to helping form new groups. The main remit of the SRGC is to spread the word and share the fascination for the plants at every level of expertise catering for all from the absolute beginner and the world’s top professionals at the same time'.

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