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Newcastle Philosophy Society

Open Lectures & Talks
'Meetings of the Society focus around talks, readings and discussions, and are conducted in a friendly and convivial atmosphere ... Membership is free, and is not normally required for participation in most activities. The Society does however welcome donations; the suggested donation is £20 annually.'
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Website lists a wide range of related special interest groups active in and around Newcastle, including <>Study Groups on: Anti-Philosophy; Beyond Nihilism; Continental Philosophy; Political Philosophy; What Is Philosophy?.
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08 August 2015
'Newcastle Philosophy Society aims to provide an open platform for philosophical discussion. The Society is a registered charity and devoted to making philosophy accessible to the wider public. Anyone who is interested in philosophy is welcome to participate in the activities of the Society.

'One of the aims of the Society is to bring philosophy out of the academic world and make it something everyone can participate in. No previous knowledge of philosophy is assumed, just an interest in philosophy and an inquiring mind.'
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