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Violet Needham Society

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'Meetings and excursions are organized to give members an opportunity to get together for informal discussion. The Society's visits to houses and other places associated with Violet Needham and her books have proved deservedly popular, and more formal meetings with guest speakers are arranged from time to time.'
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'Violet Needham (1876-1967) was the author of 19 books for children published between 1939 and 1957. Although she came to writing late — she was 63 when her first book, The Black Riders, was published — her books achieved immediate and lasting popularity with young readers ...

' The Society was founded in 1985 in order to rectify critical neglect of the work of Violet Needham, and to bring together admirers of her books. It aims to to promote appreciation of Violet Needham's achievement as a unique writer for children by acting as a focus for research into her life and work, and by issuing little-known and previously unpublished writing by her.'
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