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Open Lectures & Talks
'Free and open access educational video lectures repository. The lectures are given by distinguished scholars and scientists at the most important and prominent events like conferences, summer schools, workshops and science promotional events from many fields of Science ...
Online Lectures & Talks
... The portal is aimed at promoting science, exchanging ideas and fostering knowledge sharing by providing high quality didactic contents not only to the scientific community but also to the general public. All lectures, accompanying documents, information and links are systematically selected and classified through the editorial process taking into account also users' comments.'
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'The intellectual property of the videos is owned by the speaker of each particular video. The speaker gives VideoLectures.Net permission to videotape their presentation for educational purposes and authorize to distribute the presentation in various media, including, but not limited to the classroom, television (broadcast, cable and satellite), internet (including webcasts and podcasts), and any other communications medium currently existing or later created ...'
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