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Victoria County History - Middlesex & London

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Occasional meetings of the Westminster History Club - formed 'in aid of the County History Trust which is raising funds for the next volume of the Victoria History of Westminster' - plus related events.
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14 January 2016
The VCH at work again in Westminster 'Get involved in new VCH research in Westminster where work is restarting thanks to the support of Councillor Judith Warner, who was Lord Mayor of Westminster from May 2010 to 2011. During her mayoral year, the Lord Mayor supported the County History Trust, which holds VCH London & Middlesex funds, as one of her three mayoral year charities. Everything raised during that year is being used to fund research for our second Westminster volume, VCH Middlesex 14 – The City of Westminster: Local Government and Social Life – and contribute to the third and last volume of the set, on the physical growth and economy of the City. Councillor Warner is now supporting a new Westminster History Club, intended to raise additional funds for the project ...'
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