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Prometheus Trust, The

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'The Trust offers lectures on various Platonic subjects around the UK ... Lectures under the direct aegis of the Trust tend to be given in the autumn and spring ...'
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Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution
New Acropolis, 19 Compton Terrace, Islington, N1 2UN, London,
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Lecture series also given in Bath.
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08 February 2017
'The Prometheus Trust, a registered charity, seeks to encourage true philosophy – the love of wisdom. This philosophy, wrote Thomas Taylor, “may be compared to a luminous pyramid, terminating in Deity, and having for its basis the rational soul of man and its spontaneous unperverted conceptions.” It is a path open to all men and women who seek those living truths which are so marked by stability, creative power and perfective energy – truths whose beauty is so attractive to the human soul.

'The Trust strongly affirms the idea that the whole universe is a divine drama, and that each individual soul is a part of this joyful play.'
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