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Centre for War Studies [Birmingham]

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Organize the annual John Terraine Lecture plus a range of other events - including many open to Friends of the Centre.
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John Terraine Lecture
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University of Birmingham
School of History and Cultures, Arts Building, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmngham, B15 2TT, West Midlands,
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27 July 2015
Global warfare from the Middle Ages to the Contemporary Period 'The Centre brings together a wide range of scholars who have an interest in the study of war and conflict in all of its guises. Warfare, by its very nature, is an all-embracing subject and the approach encouraged within the Centre is therefore truly interdisciplinary with members of staff from the School of History and Cultures working closely with their colleagues in other departments ...

'The Centre is not just for "experts" but is also open to interested lay people. Friends of the Centre will receive regular up-dates, they will have their own newsletter they will be eligible to attend the Centre’s Day Schools and other activities at discounted rates. They will be invaluable in fulfilling the aim of establishing the Centre as the best of its kind in the world.'
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