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'Meets at 7.30 pm on the second Wednesday of each month from October until March ... Visitors welcome at all meetings. Admission £2.00.'
St Mary's Church Hall, The Mount, Acton, Ealing, W3 9NW, London,
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26 October 2015
'Acton is now a suburb of West London about 5 miles from the centre, and well within the built-up area, but for the greater part of its history, consisted of only a small cluster of houses around the medieval Church of St. Mary's, providing refreshment for travellers on the road from London to Oxford; together with a smaller farming community at East Acton and a number of scattered farm dwellings. The majority of residents were employed in agriculture on the large holdings or in the five common fields farmed in strips. During the 17th and 18th Centuries, Acton found favour as a Spa and as a country retreat for the wealthy from the City, a number of whom had large houses built for their use.

'The scene changed little until the 1840s when the village began to expand, but the greatest change began in 1859 when the Enclosure award, permitted the re-allocation of the strips in the common fields into blocks, releasing land for building the lower class housing required to keep up with the rapid growth of London, made possible by the extension of the suburban railways ...'
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