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'Following the continued success of the London meeting talks, CCI will be hosting a further series of presentations in 2012, aboard HMS President, previously known in WW1 as HMS Saxifrage. Launched in 1918 as an Anchusa Class corvette, she was equipped as a "Q" Ship! It's a fantastic venue for meetings - a wonderful piece of history in its own right. The ship is moored on the Thames Victoria Embankment in Central London, opposite the OXO Tower.'
Thames Victoria Embankment, The City, EC4Y 0HJ, London,
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'Cross & Cockade International (CCI) is the First World War Aviation Historical Society. There are around 1,500 members in 25 countries all over the world ... Cross & Cockade GB was formed in 1970 as the British arm of Cross & Cockade in the USA, which was formed in 1960. We changed our name to Cross & Cockade International when the US society folded in 1986.'
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