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Abergavenny & District Steam Railway Society

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'Our meetings are held every second Tuesday of each month starting at 8.00 pm ... Members [and those visiting our website] are encouraged to take every opportunity to interest fellow ferroequinologists in our society.'
Hen and Chickens, 5-7 Flannel Street, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, NP7 5EG, Wales,
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29 June 2015
'Briefly the Abergavenny and District Steam Society was established at an inaugural meeting in November 1970. During the past few years this Society has been steadily growing until at the beginning of August 2011 the membership had grown to around 110.

'Although the majority of those members (from all walks of life) come from Abergavenny and the surrounding parts of Monmouthshire, it seems that an increasing number are coming from various places outside of the aforementioned area - places like Portsmouth, London, Hartlepool, Swindon and Northern Ireland to name but a few, and most of these are members just for the great value that the society's magazine gives. This is the result of continually promoting this Society by making much of the "& District" part of the Society's title.'
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