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Café Philosophique - Cromford

Open Lectures & Talks
Occasional meetings: ''We normally meet in the bookshop café at eight on a Saturday Night. The talk lasts about an hour, followed by something to eat and a discussion phase that goes on to ten or a bit later - and afterwards in the pub for some ...'.
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Scarthin Books
Scarthin Books, The Promenade, Cromford, Derbyshire Dales, DE4 3QF, East Midlands,
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Other venues can be used 'if we expect the bookshop café to be too small'.
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08 August 2015
'We have never sought outside professional or paid speakers; it has been abundantly proved that many members of our own shifting group have at least one lecture to a very high standard inside them - perhaps based on revived university studies, on a dissertation or, more often, on an intense personal interest. Other speakers have been found through personal networks and recommendations. Over the years attendance has waxed and waned - from as few as six to as many as thirty six at Scarthin evenings; twelve to twenty is more normal and more comfortable.'
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