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Papworth Astronomy Club

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Monthly meetings 'which are free to attend and open to all'.
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Papworth Trust
Vinter Room, Vinter Close, Papworth Everard, South Cambridgeshire, CB23 3RU, Eastern,
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26 June 2016
'The Papworth Astronomy Club began life in 1994 as part of the "Individual Development Programme" run by the Papworth Trust, a major disability charity based in the village. We were helped to get the club up and running by Dr Keith Tritton, then of the Royal Greenwich Observatory in Cambridge and more recently with the Open University ... Keith Tritton is still a very active member of the club and has found us many other highly distinguished speakers over the years, including Dr David Marlin, Air Commodore Colin Foale, Prof. Colin Pillinger - and in November 1999 our first (but hopefully not last) Nobel Laureate, Prof. Antony Hewish - to name but a few ...'
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