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Samuel Lindow Foundation, The

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'The Foundation provides a range of deliberate, considered experiences and opportunities which are structured to facilitate learning, understanding, skills or capabilities. In each there is a connection between the experience provided and the process or subject. Recently, this programme has included public lectures and research seminars (in partnership with educational collaborators) ...'
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University of Central Lancashire
The Samuel Lindow Building, Westlakes Science and Technology Park, Moor Row, Copeland, CA24 3JY, North West,
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05 April 2016
'The Samuel Lindow Foundation is an educational charity based in the University of Central Lancashire’s Samuel Lindow Building on the Westlakes Science and Technology Park near Whitehaven. The Foundation is an independent charity managed by a Board of Trustees. The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) is the primary supporter of the Foundation, giving the Foundation access to one of the largest UK Universities.

'The mission of the Foundation is to advance the education of the public to achieve wider public benefit. It achieves this through promoting and enabling an appreciation, awareness and response to the global context and opportunities confronting individuals, institutions, communities and regions - with particular emphasis on the natural environment.'
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