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Ashford Camera Club

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'Meetings are held on the first, third and fourth Tuesday evenings each month where we have talks by invited speakers, hold a variety of competitions at all levels – from formal prints to light-hearted "match-a-slide" – and take our cameras along for studio work with models or table-top still-life sessions. The meetings incorporate both film and digital photography although the fourth Tuesday evening each month is dedicated exclusively to digital photography ...'
St Matthew’s Church Hall, Muncaster Close, Ashford, Spelthorne, TW15 2EE, South East,
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26 January 2016
'There was apparently a Camera Club in Ashford before the last war, run by Mr Westlake, the local chemist. This ceased to function during the war years owing to war-time shortages and other factors. Geoff Gould, having spent three years as Secretary of the Lewisham Camera Club, with a membership of about 80, was surprised to find that there was no local club, and decided to start one. The only assistance in this was a short printed document from The Amateur Photographer, but the real guiding principle was that there was never enough time for members to chat together about their hobby, and therefore the motto should be “the enjoyment of Photography as a hobby” in which the present club seems to have been singularly successful. In fact, at least two other clubs were started up in Whitton and Shepperton, based on the friendly and lively atmosphere at the Ashford Club.

'Starting the Club, in 1957, was achieved by putting a postcard in Listers, the local newsagents (now Martins), announcing that anyone interested in forming a club should meet in the saloon bar of the local pub, and as two other people turned up, it was decided to go ahead with the venture! ...'
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