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Family History Society of Buchan

Open Lectures & Talks
Occasional talks.
Arbuthnot House, Broad Street, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, AB42 1DA, Scotland,
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05 October 2015
'Welcome to one of Scotland’s youngest Family History Societies. Historically, the people of the north east corner of Scotland are able to offer a great bonus to the family heritage seeker or genealogist. For many years access to and from the area was difficult other than by sea. Many of the families in the area had little stock to choose from and so a close knit fraternity developed and those who have studied the area will be well aware of the ‘tee-name’ system frequently used to identify family members, all of whom have the same surnames. In 1590 there were fewer than 40 families living in Peterhead. The population today is around 19,000.'
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