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Friends of Le Monde Diplomatique

Open Lectures & Talks
'Amongst the events organised by Friends of Le Monde Diplomatique is our series of talks (in English) known as the Cafés Diplo.'
The Gallery, 77 Cowcross Street, Islington, EC1M 6EL, London,
Historic County
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08 February 2017
'Café Diplos provide an informal space for lively debate on political, social and environmental issues that may be marginalized by the mainstream media. We like to think of the Café Diplo as part of our overall effort to provide a space for independent thinking and to challenge "La Pensée Unique" of neo-liberalism ... The format offers a guest speaker, usually a specialist in the topic under review, opening the event with a 30 - 40 minute talk. This is followed by a discussion which offers a chance for everyone attending to contribute, question and challenge. The discussion is chaired.'
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