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Dawlish & Teignmouth Camera Club

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'Meetings on Wednesdays at 7.30 pm ... We have a varied programme that runs from September till the end of April. All are welcome to join us for two meetings before they formally become members. The current subscription is £35 per season plus £1 for every meeting attended.'
Holcombe Village Hall, Holcombe, Teignbridge, EX7 0JT, South West,
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26 January 2016
'The days of the dark room have been taken over by the digital age but we still have members who use slide film. The club has members who can help with cameras, lenses, film, dark room and slide problems or maybe transferring these to digital. However, the majority of members have gone totally digital using prints, digitally displayed images and audio visuals to show their work. The members are only too happy to offer new recruits our experience in this area with digital cameras, computer software, and printing problems.'
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