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'GENIE is delighted to announce a series of public engagement lectures aimed at the non-scientist. These lectures are free and open to everyone.'
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Department of Genetics, University of Leicester, University Road, Leicester, LE1 7RH, East Midlands,
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'GENIE is taking a national lead in developing innovative approaches and resources for genetics education. DNA is the molecular blueprint for all living things, putting genetics at the heart of all biology. It impacts on many areas of human health, welfare, daily life and society in general. We incorporate two networks, a real network of institutions engaged in genetics teaching and the Virtual Genetics Education Centre, providing an internationally accessible database of resources and information.

'The GENIE networks not only impact on genetics education locally, nationally and internationally, but also have wider implications through novel approaches to develop generic skills and through impact on outreach resources for promoting public awareness of science and widening participation in science education. Raising public awareness of genetics in science, society and medicine is an integral part of the GENIE CETL, working closely with the University's Institute of Lifelong Learning and the University's Widening Participation.'
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