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Institute of Food Research

Open Lectures & Talks
'IFR organises a variety of scientific events accessible to research scientists, students and non-specialists on a regular basis throughout the year.'
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'IFR is a world leader in research into harnessing food for health and preventing food-related diseases. We undertake internationally-ranked fundamental, strategic and applied research that has great socio-economic impact and is making a real difference to quality of life. IFR is addressing the Grand Challenges of obesity and healthy ageing by defining the relationship between food, diet and health.

'IFR is a key fulcrum that links research in the area of food science, diet and health between the major Universities / Institutes and Research Associations in the UK, Europe and worldwide. For example, IFR has been a partner in more than 30 European Union funded projects, and an initiator of the European Technology Platform Food for Life.

'IFR serves a number of stakeholders: the science research base, industry, clinical practice via health and preventive medicine and evidence-based policy for government and industry.'
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