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Open Lectures & Talks
'The aim of is to inform everyone of the wealth of possibilities in their local area: music and theatre, talks and walks, fetes and festivals, sports and markets, courses and conservation: all sorts of activities and events for all sorts of tastes ...'
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20 September 2016
'... There are many, many family and community events and activities that receive insufficient support because of lack of publicity. Too often the posters on notice boards and in shop windows are not seen by enough people, and many, who may be keenly interested, are not even aware of what they have missed ... All our event entries are posted by local organisers; the service is free and is as simple to use as we can make it ... There is an option to pay a small fee to highlight your entry and/or link it to your own website ... Visitors can select a postcode, town or county and see all the events in the area, or they can be more selective by choosing particular dates and interests.'
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