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Panizzi Foundation, The

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Open Lectures & Talks
Offer the Panizzi Lectures 'An annual lecture series, held in the British Library, focused around an aspect of historical bibliography or the history of the book, which combines scholarly content with an aim to advance public understanding of the subject.' Usually held in the Autumn.
Online Lectures & Talks
Podcasts - Panizzi Lectures 'Listen to and download audio associated with the "Panizzi Lectures".'
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British Library
The British Library, St Pancras, 96 Euston Road, Camden, NW1 2DB, London,
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'The Panizzi Foundation was established in 1982, following a donation by Mrs Catherine Devas to establish a Trust Fund whose income could be used to meet the costs of public lectures. The Trustees, whose role is the administration of the endowment fund, comprise the Chairman and Chief Executive of the British Library, plus a member of the Board. The lecturers and their subjects are decided by the Selection Council.'
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