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Keele World Affairs

Open Lectures & Talks
'Thank you for visiting the website of Keele World Affairs, the largest Adult Education Group in Europe with over 400 members and a fascinating annual programme of distinguished and authoritative speakers.'
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World Affairs Series
Keele University, Keele, Newcastle-under-Lyme, ST5 5BG, West Midlands,
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'Keele World Affairs started as an Adult Education programme in 1978 and was reconstituted under the chairmanship of Owen Powell MBE in 1980. It still fulfils that aim with an annual series of lectures giving informed analysis and opinion from a political, economic, and social perspective on global issues, individual countries and regions, and on specifically British issues. Over the years, the series has often reflected issues of topical importance such as EU membership, climate change, Iraq, and international security. However our main aim is to provide a varied range of speakers and topics so that members are widely informed.'
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