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Aristotelian Society, The

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Open Lectures & Talks
'Papers presented and discussed, early evenings, fortnightly, throughout the academic year ... Papers are drawn from an international base of contributors and discuss issues across a broad range of philosophical traditions, including those which are of greatest current interest ... These meetings are open to the public.'
Online Lectures & Talks
'Papers will be available two weeks before each meeting on this website (in draft, non-citable form).'
University of London, Senate House, Malet Street, Camden, WC1E 7HU, London,
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'The Society's full name is The Aristotelian Society for the systematic study of philosophy. According to H Wildon Carr (President 1915-1918), "It was ... essential to find a name which would definitely prescribe the speculative character of the study which was to be the Society's ideal, and it seemed that this could best be secured by adopting the name of a philosopher eminently representative. There is only one such name in the history of philosophy and so we became the Aristotelian Society, not for the special study of Aristotle, or of Aristotelianism, but for the systematic study of Philosophy." (Wildon Carr, "The Fiftieth Session: A Retrospect", PAS Vol XXIX 1928-9 p. 361).'
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