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Royal Academy of Music

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Wide-ranging programme of interviews, discussions, lecture-recitals, etc. Often: 'Free, no tickets required'.
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Barbirolli Lectures | Henry Wood Lecture-Recitals
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University of London
Marylebone Road, Westminster, NW1 5HT, London,
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25 January 2016
'Since it was founded back in 1822, the Royal Academy of Music has become one of the most recognisable names in music.

'Great traditions do not guarantee future success, but at the Academy they do inspire us to achieve an especially happy blend of continuity and cutting-edge work. Cherish as we do our distinguished alumni, fine teachers and enterprising study programmes, at the Academy we never simply rest on our reputation.

'Every day we question the quality and effectiveness of our work, reappraising our primary goal: how to realise the potential of each and every musician at the Academy. Remaining the most stimulating, dynamic and friendly musical environment, we want every student — wherever they come from — to make their individual mark and to leave equipped for the realities of professional life ...'
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