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Wide range of lectures and talks, including the Annual Stamford Raffles Lecture.
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Zoological Society of London | University of Cambridge
Zoological Society of London, Regent's Park, Camden, NW1 4RY, London,
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'The Institute of Zoology (IoZ) is the research division of the Zoological Society of London. It is a government-funded research institute specialising in scientific issues relevant to the conservation of animal species and their habitats ...

'Since the late 1980s the IoZ has been affiliated to the University of London, but in 2000 this arrangement was replaced with a new strategic partnership with the University of Cambridge. The background to this change lies in our shared interest in researching scientific issues that underpin decisions affecting biodiversity conservation.

'The new partnership highlighted the need for us to focus our research onto key areas. We identified these through considering the new partnership with Cambridge, our links with conservation programmes in London and Cambridge, and animal-related conservation projects in the rest of ZSL. We aim to exploit our unusual status as an academic research body embedded within a conservation charity, but linked to the University of Cambridge.'
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