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Royal Institute of Philosophy

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Open Lectures & Talks
The London Lecture Series 'The Institute's Royal status was granted in 1947, it is said in recognition of the fact that its public lectures carried on through the wartime blitz. The lectures are still underway, almost every Friday evening during term ... All of the Institute's lectures are free and open to the public. You are advised to arrive early to be sure of a seat.' Also an Annual Lecture.
Online Lectures & Talks
'The Royal Institute now records the London Lectures. We hope to make as many of our talks as possible freely available online.'
UCL, Gower Street, Camden, WC1E 6BT, London,
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London meetings in the J Z Young Lecture Theatre: 'The Institute’s activities are not based just in London. Through a system of branches, the Institute sponsors public events throughout the country. Lectures, seminars, discussion groups, and conferences are run more or less autonomously by the various branches, and meetings convene throughout the year. These activities are almost always free and open to the public.'
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'The Royal Institute of Philosophy is dedicated to the advancement of philosophy in all its branches through the organisation and promotion of teaching, discussion and research of all things philosophical. The Institute is not committed to any particular philosophical school or method or, of course, any ideology. According to its 1925 Memorandum of Association, the Institute aims to "provide for all classes and denominations, without any distinction whatsoever, opportunities and encouragement." The Institute’s membership includes professional philosophers alongside those who support and pursue philosophy only for the love of it.'
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