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Scottish Ornithologists' Club

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'We hope that you enjoy the selection of topics and speakers this year. Please support your local branch by going along once a month to listen to the superb presentations and to meet up with your fellow SOC members ... Your SOC membership entitles you to attend meetings anywhere in Scotland so, if you find yourself away from home in another branch area, feel free to go along to any of the meetings. It's an excellent opportunity to make new friends and contacts.'
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'The Scottish Ornithologists' Club (SOC) was established by a group of Scottish ornithologists who met together in the rooms of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society in Edinburgh on 24th March 1936. Now, 70 years on, the Club has 2500 members and 14 branches around Scotland. It plays a central role in Scottish birdwatching, bringing together novice birdwatchers, seasoned birders and research ornithologists, with the aim of developing knowledge and skills through documenting, studying and, not least, enjoying Scotland's birdlife. Above all the SOC is a club, relying heavily on keen volunteers and the support of its membership.

'Headquarters provide central publications, an annual conference, and the largest library of bird literature in Scotland. The network of 14 branches organises field meetings, a winter programme of talks and social events.'
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