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Maison Française d’Oxford

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Open Lectures & Talks
PDF copy of current brochure lists a large number and wide range of lectures and related events. Enquire about attendance.
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University of Oxford
2-10 Norham Road, Oxford, OX2 6SE, South East,
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'The Maison Française d’Oxford was founded at the end of the Second World War at the joint instigation of the Universities of Paris and Oxford. A departmental institution of the CNRS (USR 3129), it develops and implements research programmes; under the umbrella of the chancellorship of the universities of Paris, it maintains close relationships with French universities and higher education establishments; as an Institut Français de Recherche à l’étranger (IFRE), it contributes to European research as part of the network co-ordinated by the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs; in partnership with the University of Oxford, it sets up joint Franco-British research programmes.'
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