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Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow, The

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Fortnightly evening meetings: 'Non-members and guests will be very welcome at all meetings.' Unfortunately, at the time of Review [5 July 2015], I was unable to obtain access to the Society's Website.
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John Anderson Building, Strathclyde University, 107 Rottenrow East, City of Glasgow, G4 ONG, Scotland,
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27 July 2015
'On 9th Nov. 1802, in response to an invitation, twenty-two citizens met in the Prince of Wales Tavern, Glasgow where they set up a committee to outline the principles for a Society "for the improvement of the Arts and Sciences" in Glasgow. An important consideration was the establishment of a select library of scientific books.

'A week later a meeting was held in the Assembly Rooms at which sixty persons subscribed to the setting up of the Glasgow Philosophical Society. On 8th Dec the Regulations were approved and a Council was elected. The first President was a Professor of Astronomy and the Vice-President was an ironfounder, thus representing the joint interests of science and industry. From the beginning it was intended that meetings would be held weekly in the winter and fortnightly in the summer and that the members would present papers on experiments and exhibit models or artefacts ...'
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