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Café Scientifique - Cambridge

Open Lectures & Talks
'Cambridge Cafe Scientifique provides a relaxed opportunity to discuss the science that is changing our lives with the scientists themselves ... A short informal talk is given by a scientist who is an expert on the topic to give background and to set the scene, and this is followed by questions and discussion.' Normally meets once per month, mid-week, at 7.30 pm: 'The events are free and a complimentary drink is provided.'
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Medical Research Council | Arts Picture House | The Triple Helix
B Bar, 8 Market Street, Cambridge, CB2 3PF, Eastern,
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'The Triple Helix Cambridge is a student society which seeks to explore the interdisciplinary issues surrounding science. Our activities include the publication of a termly journal, a lecture series of panel debates, outreach and working with schools as well as many other new initiatives. We are part of an international organisation which has chapters at universities around the world, bringing together students to debate and discuss important topics.

'We organise some of the most controversial science events to hit Cambridge; taking our aim of developing a global forum for science in society one step closer to reality.'
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