Institute for Public Policy Research - North

IPPR North Offices, 3rd Floor, 20 Collingwood Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 1JF, North East
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Open Lectures & Talks'IPPR runs a full events programme bringing together top politicians and policymakers, leading writers and academics, business figures and other expert thinkers to discuss the most important public policy issues with a wide range of audiences.'
Also IndexedIdeas on the 3rd Floor
Historic CountyNorthumberland
Type of BodyThink Tank
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Institute for Strategic Dialogue
Navigate Website>>> Conferences & Events
Open Lectures & TalksWide range of events: enquire about attendance.
Also IndexedClub of Three
Type of BodyThink Tank
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Institute for Sustainable Heritage [UCL]

Gower Street, Camden, WC1E 6BT, London
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Open Lectures & Talks'Information on upcoming seminars, lectures, workshops and other events at The UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage.'
Named Lectures & TalksNigel J Seeley Memorial Lectures
Also IndexedUCL
Historic CountyLondon - Central
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Institute for Volunteering Research
Open Lectures & TalksOccasional seminars and related events: enquire about attendance.
Also IndexedBirkbeck | Northumbria University
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Institute of Advanced Legal Studies

Charles Clore House, 17 Russell Square, Camden, WC1B 5DR, London
Category:Schools of Law
Open Lectures & TalksWide range of events, many not within scope but including a number of Lectures with such annotations as: 'Admission Free - All Welcome'. However, advisable to register interest in attending.
Also IndexedUniversity of London: School of Advanced Study
Historic CountyLondon - Central
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Institute of Advanced Study [Durham]

Cosin's Hall, Palace Green, Durham, County Durham, DH1 3RL, North East
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Open Lectures & Talks'The range of events that are organised at the IAS are all intended to either advance the research of the individual Fellows and that of researchers at Durham or, in the case of the outreach events such as the art exhibitions, public debates and public lectures that we organise, to inform an interested public who want to learn more about the cutting-edge research that is carried out at Durham and elsewhere in the world.'
Also IndexedDurham University
Historic CountyDurham
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Institute of Archaeology [UCL]

31-34 Gordon Square, Camden, WC1H 0PY, London
Open Lectures & TalksOccasional events listed that are open to the public. Enquire about attendance.
Named Lectures & TalksInstitute of Archaeology/British Museum Medieval Seminar Series | Sir David Wilson Lecture in Medieval Studies
Also IndexedUCL | Centre for Audio-Visual Study and Practice in Archaeology
Historic CountyLondon - Central
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Institute of Art and Ideas

Hay-on-Wye, Powys, Wales
Navigate Website>>> IAI Debates & Talks
Open Lectures & Talks'We organise two unique cultural festivals each year in Hay-on-Wye. HowTheLightGetsIn and Crunch offer a distinctive blend of inspirational and challenging debates, and legendary performances and parties. The festivals feature some of the biggest and most exciting thinkers, writers and artists, world-class live musicians, comedy, cabaret and legendary parties with DJs and dancing until the small hours.'
Online Lectures & Talks'All of our content is available to share on the iai website.' Can search by Subject Category, Length of Video, Speaker ...
Also IndexedHowTheLightGetsIn | Crunch
Historic CountyBrecknockshire
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Institute of Astronomy [Cambridge]

University of Cambridge, Madingley Road, Cambridge, CB3 0HA, Eastern
Navigate Website>>> Talk Schedule ...
Open Lectures & TalksOrganize a range of Public Open Evenings plus occasional other events open to the public.
Also IndexedUniversity of Cambridge
Historic CountyCambridgeshire
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Institute of Contemporary Arts

12 Carlton House Terrace, Westminster, SW1Y 5AH, London
Category:Arts Centres
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Open Lectures & TalksTalks and lectures programme.
Historic CountyLondon - Central
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Institute of Economic Affairs

2 Lord North Street, Westminster, SW1P 3LB, London
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Open Lectures & Talks'Our public events are open to anyone to attend ... We also hold private events, attendance at these is part of our donation package.'
Historic CountyLondon - Central
Type of BodyThink Tank
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Institute of Education

20 Bedford Way, Camden, WC1H 0AL, London
Open Lectures & Talks'Our events diary, with more than 300 entries a year, makes us London's liveliest centre of engagement for stakeholders in education. High-profile speakers – including our own faculty, visiting academics, politicians and educationalists – keep the IOE at the heart of public debate.'
Also IndexedUniversity of London
Historic CountyLondon - Central
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Institute of English Studies

Senate House, Malet Street, Camden, WC1E 7HU, London
Navigate Website>>> Lectures & Readings
Open Lectures & Talks'The Institute of English Studies runs one of the largest programmes of events in the subject area, ranging from one-day to week-long conferences, over twenty research seminars and several annual public lectures given by distinguished international scholars.'
Named Lectures & TalksJohn Coffin Memorial Lectures in English
Also IndexedUniversity of London: School of Advanced Study
Historic CountyLondon - Central
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Institute of European Law [Birmingham]

Birmingham Law School, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 2TT, West Midlands
Category:Law & Society
Navigate Website>>> Events >>> IEL Annual Lectures
Open Lectures & TalksAnnual Lecture: 'Free but please contact us in advance'.
Also IndexedUniversity of Birmingham
Historic CountyWarwickshire
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Institute of European Public Law [Hull]

Law School, Wilberforce Building, University of Hull, Kingston upon Hull, HU6 7RX, Yorkshire and the Humber
Category:Law & Society
Open Lectures & Talks'The Institute supports public lectures delivered by leaders in the field of European Public Law.'
Also IndexedUniversity of Hull
Historic CountyYorkshire East Riding
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Institute of Food Research

Norwich Research Park, Colney, South Norfolk, NR4 7UA, Eastern
Open Lectures & Talks'IFR organises a variety of scientific events accessible to research scientists, students and non-specialists on a regular basis throughout the year.'
Also IndexedBiotechnology & Biological Sciences Research Council
Historic CountyNorfolk
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Institute of Historical Research [London]

Senate House, Malet Street, Camden, WC1E 7HU, London
Open Lectures & TalksVery wide range of lectures, workshops, etc. listed. Arrangements vary, but frequently one reads such as: 'Attendance is free, but places are limited and offered on a first come basis'; 'IHR Seminars are free and open to all - advance booking is not required'; and so on. However, always prudent if you are able to register your interest in attending, rather than just turning up.
Named Lectures & TalksJohn Coffin Memorial Lecture
Also IndexedUniversity of London: School of Advanced Study
Historic CountyLondon - Central
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Institute of Irish Studies [Liverpool]

The University of Liverpool, 1 Abercromby Square, Liverpool, L69 7WY, North West
Open Lectures & Talks'Throughout the year the Institute of Irish Studies hosts a series of public lectures and events ...'
Also IndexedUniversity of Liverpool
Historic CountyLancashire
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Institute of Islamic Banking and Insurance

British Bankers’ Association Pinners Hall, 105 – 108 Old Broad Street, The City, EC2N 1EX, London
Navigate Website>>> Lectures and Seminars
Open Lectures & Talks'The Institute holds lectures throughout the year in London on key topics in the area of Islamic finance. These lectures are generally held monthly with extended lectures for visiting scholars are organised separately in honour of two leading early Muslim scholars – Ibn Rushd and Ibn Khaldun, and to highlight and nurture the intellectual capital available within the Muslim Community ... Attendance to the lectures is free though, in certain instances and for the extended lecture series, the Institute may require to make a charge.'
Historic CountyLondon - Central
Type of BodyProfessional Body
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Institute of Jewish Studies [UCL]

UCL, Gower Street, Camden, WC1E 6BT, London
Navigate Website>>> What's On
Open Lectures & Talks'Public Lectures, Symposia and Seminars are held throughout the academic year, where leading scholars from Europe, Israel and USA as well as the UK communicate the results of their research to scholars, students and the public, thereby creating the opportunity for regular exchange of ideas and interests.'
Also IndexedUCL
Historic CountyLondon - Central
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Institute of Latin American Studies

University of London, Senate House, Malet Street, Camden, WC1E 7HU, London
Category:Latin America
Navigate Website>>> Events
Open Lectures & Talks'An active programme of seminars, lectures, workshops and conferences creates an opportunity for informed dialogue on matters of contemporary and historical relevance ... Established seminar series include those on US politics, history and culture; Latin American studies, including cultural studies; Caribbean studies, and Canadian studies ... Focused workshops will continue to explore leading-edge issues with respected researchers in the field, while public conferences and lectures aim to attract significant names for the London audience.'
Also IndexedUniversity of London: School of Advanced Study | Institute for the Study of the Americas
Historic CountyLondon - Central
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Institute of Mathematics & its Applications
Navigate Website>>> Activities >>> Branches
Open Lectures & Talks'Branches are important in helping the Institute meet its charitable objectives, but they also provide networking opportunities for members. Established branches regularly hold talks by respected mathematicians, usually without charge, which are open to members and non-members.'
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Institute of Mathematics & its Applications - East Midlands
Navigate Website>>> Activities >>> Branches >>> East Midlands
Open Lectures & TalksUsually monthly evening meetings at various venues across the Region: enquire about attendance.
Type of BodyLocal Society
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Visits to Website319

Institute of Mathematics & its Applications - North West

John Dalton Building, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, M1 5GD, North West
Open Lectures & TalksOccasional lectures: 'The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications is where any mathematician or person interested in mathematics can come to find something to interest them and form networks with others who share their passion.'
Historic CountyLancashire
Type of BodyLocal Society
Views 'Full' Record + MAP769
Visits to Website440

Institute of Mathematics & its Applications - West Midlands
Navigate Website>>> Activities >>> Branches >>> West Midlands
Open Lectures & TalksTalks about once per month, usually 'non-IMA Members welcome ... To allow you to gauge the difficulty of talks when deciding whether to attend, we ask all our speakers to rate the mathematical content of their talk against the following scale: Low; Intermediate; High.'
Named Lectures & TalksLMS Popular Lectures
Type of BodyLocal Society
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