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* Bookfestival Scotland
Open Lectures & Talks'Welcome to Bookfestival Scotland, the website where you can find details of around 40 amazing book, storytelling and poetry festivals which take place from January to November each year. No other country has so many per capita and they range from the world's largest at Edinburgh to a scatter of smaller but perfectly formed events from Shetland to Wigtown and many places in between. Each year the world’s best writers appear to talk about their work in some of Scotland’s most beautiful places. Come and join them!'
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* National Trust for Scotland Members' Centres and Friends' Groups
Open Lectures & Talks'There are now 39 National Trust for Scotland Members' Centres, Members' Groups and Friends' Groups throughout Scotland, one in Cambridge and one in London. Members of the National Trust for Scotland can join one or more of the groups for as little as £2 per year. Most are also open to members of the National Trust for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Membership of a Centre adds value to your NTS or NT membership by giving access to the social programmes.'
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* Scottish Beekeepers Association
Navigate Website>>> About >>> Local Associations
Open Lectures & Talks'The Scottish Beekeepers Association is the national body that represents Scotland's beekeepers within the UK, throughout Europe and globally.'
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* Scottish Civic Trust
Open Lectures & Talks'The Scottish Civic Trust acts as an umbrella body for over 100 local civic societies and local environment groups spanning the length and breadth of Scotland.'
Also IndexedDoors Open Days
Type of BodyTrust & Foundation
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* Scottish Wildlife Trust
Category:Wildlife Trusts
Open Lectures & Talks'SWT relies on supporters and members to act as advocates and carry out vital work throughout Scotland. Local members often come together to form members centres and are vital in promoting the work of SWT in the local community. Members centres are involved in local conservation projects, planning and fundraising and they also organise walks, talks and other events to inspire people about the wildlife of Scotland ... There are currently 20 SWT Members Centres throughout Scotland.'
Type of BodyTrust & Foundation
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* The National Trust for Scotland
Open Lectures & TalksSearch of their database can reveal occasional talks and lectures at one or another of their properties.
Type of BodyTrust & Foundation
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Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland, The
Navigate Website>>> Events >>> Diary
Open Lectures & TalksEvents 'There are both national and regional events that members can get involved in, ranging from lectures and social events, to study tours and an annual conference.'
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Association of Scottish Philatelic Societies, The
Navigate Website>>> Scottish Societies
Open Lectures & Talks'There are forty-five societies in membership of the Association. They are broadly defined into two types: Local Societies who draw their membership from their local area and hold meetings with a wide variety of subjects; Specialist Societies who tend to be Scottish branches of national specialist societies, but there are a few Scottish based ones.'
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Books from Scotland
Open Lectures & TalksScottish Book News and Events.
Type of BodyWeb Portal
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Botanical Society of Scotland
Navigate Website>>> Events
Open Lectures & Talks'Lectures are held at six Venues: Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness and St. Andrews ... Membership is open to everyone with an interest in plants, whether professional or amateur. Current members include professional academic plant scientists, horticulturists, students and amateur field botanists, based in Scotland and around the world. Come and join us ... '
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Egyptology Scotland
Navigate Website>>> Events
Open Lectures & Talks'Our annual lecture programme aims to provide members with access to the latest developments in the field of Egyptology and our events include group visits, members’ nights and hieroglyph workshops etc.'
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Gifford Lectures
Navigate Website>>> News
Open Lectures & TalksDescription of upcoming Gifford Lectures at the Universities of Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow, and St Andrews.
Online Lectures & TalksSome video and audio recordings available.
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Humanist Society Scotland
Open Lectures & Talks'There are currently six local Humanist Society of Scotland groups, based in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Highland(Inverness).'
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Italian Cultural Institute in Edinburgh
Navigate Website>>> Events >>> Calendar of Events
Open Lectures & TalksSponsor a range of lectures and related events across a wide arena.
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Jane Austen Society - Scottish
Category:Jane Austen
Navigate Website>> Events
Open Lectures & TalksHold about four meetings per year, usually either in Glasgow or Edinburgh.
Type of BodyLocal Society
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Mountaineering Council of Scotland, The
Navigate Website>>> Courses and Events
Open Lectures & Talks'The MCofS Winter Lecture Series is free of charge and open to all.'
Also IndexedTiso | Buff
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Royal Scottish Geographical Society
Open Lectures & Talks'RSGS offers a series of Illustrated Talks to both Members and to the wider public at 14 locations throughout Scotland. Between September and April almost 100 talks are given by speakers who have journeyed the Globe to bring back interesting stories and personal perspectives from their travels.'
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Saltire Society
Navigate Website>>> Book Events
Open Lectures & Talks'Has branches all over Scotland. There are seven branches in total - Aberdeen and North East, Dumfries and District, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Helensburgh, Highland and Kirriemuir. The Society headquarters are in Edinburgh. Each branch organises its own meetings, lectures, outings and social occasions.' (and note the consolidated list of Branch Events.)
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Scottish Association of Family History Societies, The
Open Lectures & TalksCombined list of the Meetings of the Association's membership of 'all established family history societies in Scotland'.
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Scottish Centre for Crime & Justice Research, The
Category:Law & Society
Open Lectures & TalksHave organized an Annual Lecture plus other events which might be open to the general public. Enquire about attendance. Often the annotation is something like: 'This event is free to attend but places are limited ... Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.'
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Scottish Chamber Orchestra
Category:Music & Dance
Navigate Website>>> SCO Connect >>> View All SCO Connect Events
Open Lectures & Talks'Features regular pre-concert talks. They are free to concert ticket holders, and begin at 6.30 pm.'
Online Lectures & Talks'Pre-concert talks are now being audio recorded so if you missed the talk, it will be up on our website shortly after the concert. Visit our audio page to listen to the talks. In 2010/11 some talks were filmed. Visit our video page to watch the talks.'
Type of BodyPerforming Art
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Scottish Institute for Policing Research, The
Category:Law & Society
Open Lectures & TalksOrganize an Annual Lecture - plus a range of other lectures and related events, frequently annotated 'all are welcome' and usually free of charge.
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Scottish Local History Forum
Navigate Website>>> Calendar
Open Lectures & TalksBrief details of local society events submitted to the Forum.
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Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival
Category:Arts Festivals
Open Lectures & Talks'Now a regular on the arts scene, the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival has grown to become one of Scotland's most valued cultural events. The Festival takes place in theatres, cinemas, libraries and community halls throughout October each year to help challenge attitudes towards mental health through the arts.' Usually held throughout October each year.
Type of BodyFestival
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Scottish Natural Heritage
Open Lectures & TalksNumber of talks and related events listed in searchable Events Calendar; via the Map one can retrieve details of 'events within 100 km of your point'.
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