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* Association of British Philatelic Societies
Open Lectures & TalksAccess to details of philatelic Federations, National & Specialist Societies, Local Societies: 'As not all societies are members of the ABPS it may be that their details will not be available as the records of contact, telephone and email addresses may not be recorded.'
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Association of Scottish Philatelic Societies, The
Navigate Website>>> Scottish Societies
Open Lectures & Talks'There are forty-five societies in membership of the Association. They are broadly defined into two types: Local Societies who draw their membership from their local area and hold meetings with a wide variety of subjects; Specialist Societies who tend to be Scottish branches of national specialist societies, but there are a few Scottish based ones.'
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Association of Sussex Philatelic Societies
Open Lectures & TalksAccess to details of about two dozen local Societies.
Historic CountySussex
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Federation of South Wales Philatelic Societies
Navigate Website>>> Member Clubs
Open Lectures & TalksLinks to details of about a dozen local societies.
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Hampshire Philatelic Federation
Navigate Website>>> Societies
Open Lectures & TalksContact details for about two dozen Societies affiliated to the Federation.
Historic CountyHampshire
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Kent Federation of Philatelic Societies
Navigate Website>>> Kent Stamp Clubs
Open Lectures & TalksDetails of over a score of Clubs in membership of the Federation.
Historic CountyKent
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North East of England Philatelic Association
Navigate Website>>> NEPA Member Societies
Open Lectures & TalksAccess to details of some 16 Societies in membership of the Association: 'The Association is still an Association of Societies with a regular Convention hosted by one [or more] its member societies.'
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North Western Federation of Philatelic Societies
Open Lectures & Talks'The Federation promotes and assists philately in the North West of England and North Wales. With over 30 affiliated societies and growing the Federation has developed this web site to facilitate easier communication to all philatelists and provide a friendly point of reference on the Internet.'
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Yorkshire Philatelic Association
Navigate Website>>> Affiliated Societies
Open Lectures & TalksSite also includes a Diary of Main Philatelic Events: 'This listing attempts to cover the main national, regional and local philatelic events likely to be of interest to stamp collectors in the YPA area, including local society events open to all, but excluding regular society meetings, for which see the Society Pages, consult the YPA Syllabus Booklet or contact the secretary of the local society.'
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    Created: 18 April 2015
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