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* British Association for Local History
Open Lectures & TalksUseful and Interesting Links 'We have included here some suggestions of national organisations which are of interest to local historians and whose websites provide useful information. In the section labelled "Local Societies" we have provided just a small sample of the many local history societies which now have their own website. Groups and societies dealing with local history vary widely in what they call themselves and what they do, not all have the term 'local history' in their title. There is a long list to be found in The Family and Local History Handbook. New ones, and their websites, are often mentioned in Local History News. If your group is considering having its own website those listed here may provide some examples.'
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Association of Northumberland Local History Societies
Open Lectures & TalksMember Societies.
Historic CountyNorthumberland
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Bedfordshire Local History Association
Open Lectures & Talks'We organise a variety of events such as walks, lectures, visits, workshops, exhibitions and conferences throughout the county as well as publishing our newsletter, History in Bedfordshire, several times a year.'
Historic CountyBedfordshire
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Berkshire Local History Association
Open Lectures & Talks'The Berkshire Local History Association (BLHA) was founded in 1976, to encourage Local History Research and interest in the county, both pre- and post the 1974 boundary changes. It provides a common meeting ground for individual members, the various local history societies and groups within the county, and the professionals who work in archives, libraries, museums and education.'
Historic CountyBerkshire
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Cambridgeshire Association for Local History
Open Lectures & Talks'One of our aims is to provide an umbrella service for all the local, family and social history societies, groups and clubs in the old county of Cambridgeshire. Additionally, we also act as a central information hub taking in all the latest news of events or what is happening or affecting the history community both locally and nationally and disseminating that information out to the 90 plus history based societies, groups and clubs via our various networking facilities.'
Historic CountyCambridgeshire
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Ceredigion Local History Forum
Open Lectures & Talks'Arranges open meetings, usually a couple of times a year, with guests who speak on a range of interesting topics. The meetings give members from different organisations an opportunity to meet and talk face-to-face and to exchange ideas and experiences.'
Historic CountyCardiganshire
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Cheshire Local History Association
Open Lectures & Talks'Information about the various meetings around the county can be found by clicking on the appropriate society on the Members page.' (The Association itself also has a Programme of Events.)
Historic CountyCheshire
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Cumbria Local History Federation
Navigate Website>>> Events Diary [PDF]
Open Lectures & Talks'The Federation publishes an events diary three times per year and distributes this through members. The latest diary can be viewed or downloaded. Most events are open to non-members for a small charge, but it is wise to check, especially on visits which may have a limit on numbers.'
Also IndexedWestmorland
Historic CountyCumberland
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Devon History Society
Navigate Website>>> Events
Open Lectures & Talks'The Devon History Society aims to promote the study and recording of the history of Devon, and is open to all those interested in its many aspects. Its members range from enthusiastic amateurs to senior academic historians.'
Historic CountyDevon
Type of BodyLocal Society
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Federation for Ulster Local Studies, The
Navigate Website>>> Societies Events
Open Lectures & Talks'See what's on in Societies over the next Programme year.'
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Federation of Norfolk Historical and Archaeological Societies
Open Lectures & TalksAccess to details of Members of the Federation.
Historic CountyNorfolk
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Gloucestershire Local History Association
Open Lectures & Talks'The Gloucestershire Local History Association includes representatives from many local history societies in the county, the county record office and local studies centres, and meets quarterly to discuss matters relating to local history in Gloucestershire. Details of events organised by the Association and member organisations may be found here. A list of local history speakers, links to local history organisations in the County, guidance on computing matters, and other useful resources are available ...'
Historic CountyGloucestershire
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Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire, The
Open Lectures & TalksSummary of events being held in the County.
Historic CountyLincolnshire
Type of BodyTrust & Foundation
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Hertfordshire Association for Local History
Open Lectures & Talks'There is a local history society in most towns and many villages in Hertfordshire, reflecting the widespread interest in this fascinating topic. Their activities range from programmes of talks and events to major research work and publication. If you want to find out more about where you live in Hertfordshire, or to get involved in local history activity, then click ... to find your nearest society.'
Historic CountyHertfordshire
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Kent History Federation, The
Navigate Website>>> Future Events
Open Lectures & TalksCombined calendar of events, plus access to details of some 120 local societies and related organizations.
Historic CountyKent
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Lancashire Local History Federation
Open Lectures & TalksDetails of 'local history, family history, industrial archaeology and archaeological societies affiliated to the Federation'.
Historic CountyLancashire
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Locality and Region Seminar Series

Stewart House, 32 Russell Square, Camden, WC1B 5DN, London
Open Lectures & Talks'The seminar meets at 5.15 pm on alternate Tuesdays.'
Also IndexedVictoria County History
Historic CountyLondon - Central
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Northamptonshire Association for Local History
Open Lectures & TalksPage providing 'an at-a-glance calendar of events organised by our member societies; the events are listed by date'.
Historic CountyNorthamptonshire
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Nottinghamshire Local History Association
Navigate Website>>> Local History Societies
Open Lectures & Talks'This is a fairly up to date list of local history societies in the county — the date in brackets at the end of the entry is when we received the latest information. All of them arrange lectures and visits, details of which can be obtained from the contact given, although some activities will be listed in the diary of events on this site.'
Historic CountyNottinghamshire
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Oxfordshire Local History Association, The
Navigate Website>>> Local History Groups
Open Lectures & Talks'The Oxfordshire Local History Association (OLHA) is for everyone interested in the history of our county. We foster and promote the study and publication of local history and act as an umbrella organisation for local history groups, of which there are more than 80 in Oxfordshire.'
Historic CountyOxfordshire
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Renfrewshire Local History Forum
Open Lectures & Talks'The Renfrewshire Local History Forum was formed in 1988 to act as an umbrella organization, bringing together all the societies in the county which have an interest in history or heritage. The Forum acts as a link between the various societies by publishing newsletters and giving details of events which might be of interest.'
Historic CountyRenfrewshire
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Society for Lincolnshire History and Archaeology
Navigate Website>>> Full Events Programme
Open Lectures & TalksComposite list of lectures and related events across the County.
Historic CountyLincolnshire
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Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society, The

Somerset Heritage Centre, Brunel Way, Norton Fitzwarren, Taunton Deane, TA2 6SF, South West
Navigate Website>>> News and Events >>> Calendar
Open Lectures & Talks'The Society caters for the needs of the naturalist, archaeologist and historian by arranging a comprehensive programme of lectures, excursions, excavations, field meetings, and social gatherings and enables members of similar interests to meet and exchange ideas. The Society continues to be the only organisation of its kind covering the whole of the historic County of Somerset.'
Historic CountySomerset
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Staffordshire Heritage Group
Navigate Website>>> Events >>> Events Calendar ...
Open Lectures & Talks'We are an umbrella group for all the local history, genealogy and archaeology groups within Staffordshire ... There’s a great selection of fantastic heritage based events throughout Staffordshire ...'
Historic CountyStaffordshire
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Victoria County History
Navigate Website>>> Events >>> Marc Fitch Lecture Series
Open Lectures & TalksOccasional lectures and talks across the VCH Counties - including the annual Marc Fitch Lecture, for which 'all are welcome to attend the lecture and reception'.
Named Lectures & TalksMarc Fitch Lecture
Type of BodyPublisher
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